Czechs in the United Kingdom

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Czechs in the United Kingdom
Total population
Czech-born residents
45,000 (2013 ONS estimate)
Regions with significant populations
Greater London and South East England
British English, Czech
Roman Catholicism · Irreligion · Others
Related ethnic groups
Czech people • White Other

Czechs in the United Kingdom refers to the phenomenon of Czech people migrating to the United Kingdom from the Czech Republic or from the political entities that preceded it, such as Czechoslovakia. There are some people in the UK who were either born in the Czech lands or have Czech ancestry, some of whom descended from Jewish refugees (e.g. Kindertransport) who arrived during World War II.


The 2001 UK Census recorded 12,220 Czech-born people resident in the UK.[1] With the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union in May 2004, Czechs gained the right to live and work elsewhere in the EU, and large numbers moved to the UK for work, although there has been substantial return migration.[2] The Office for National Statistics estimates that 45,000 Czech-born immigrants were resident in the UK in 2013.[3] The 2011 UK Census recorded 34,615 Czech-born residents in England, 1,256 in Wales,[4] 2,245 in Scotland,[5] and 662 in Northern Ireland.[6] The figure for Scotland includes people who specified that they were born in Czechoslovakia, but the figures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not.[4][5][6] 1,279 people in England, 39 in Wales and 16 in Northern Ireland are recorded as having been born in Czechoslovakia without specifying the Czech Republic or Slovakia.[4][6]

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Notable people with Czech links

Bold indicates a non-citizen immigrant and normal text indicates a British citizen with Czech ancestry.

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