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Cree Wikipedia is a Cree language edition of Wikipedia, which was created in 2004.


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  • August 2004 — creation of Cree Wikipedia.
  • 28 August 2004 — first edit[1]
  • 21 Marсh 2009 — 10,000th edit[2]
  • 28 July 2011 — 20,000th edit[3]
  • 8 January 2013 — 25,000 edit[4]
  • February 2014 — 100 articles[5]
  • The latest count is 127 articles and a total of 29,761 edits.


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Dynamics of development, 2005-2016.

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Linguist András Kornai has classified Cree Wikipedia as a "digital heritage language" project, meaning it is useful for language preservation and study, but it is not a space where native speakers communicate actively in Cree.[6] Others, such as Andrew Dalby, suggest that Wikipedias in indigenous American languages are likely to increase, and that the presence of Wikipedia in heritage languages may contribute to continuing use of those languages.[7]

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