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In the fictional Forgotten Realms setting, the intelligent species are classified into groups known as "races", which, in this context, generally refers to an intelligent species, such as humanity, elves or goblins. Within the setting, many of these races are traditionally grouped into one of two categories: the created races, such as the Yuan-ti, who have artificial, magical origins, and the creator races, such as humans and sarrukh, who are of uncertain origin, and are known to have made several created races, however some races don't fall into either category.


The six widely recognized Creator Races (Iqua-Tel’Quessir in elven) of Faerûn are:

(Note that some sources list only five creator races, omitting either dragons or the Aearee.)

The first three races once ruled all-powerful empires. The Nether Scrolls, which most of the power of the ancient Netherese can be traced back to, were created by the sarrukh, batrachi and aearee.

Within the setting's main timeframe, some sarrukh still wander parts of Anauroch, southern Mulhorand and Chult. No one knows what happened to the batrachi, but some suspect they are the Slaadi from Limbo. The aearee might have migrated to the west, and some think they inhabit flying cities above Anchorome (although spelljammers never noticed them). The fairy folk, who never showed much interest in Faerûn, still dominate their original world of Faerie (whence elves). This is presently the age of Mankind, but "everything that has a beginning has an end...".

Official material

In other media

Members of an unnamed reptilian Creator Race referred to as Old Ones or Creators, feature prominently in the storyline of the 2002 Neverwinter Nights video game. The main villain is Queen Morag, the leader of a group of Old Ones who are awakening after thousands of years of magical subterranean hibernation and plan to conquer the surface world.


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