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The Israeli J6/C4I & Cyber Defense Directorate (Hebrew: אגף התקשובAgaf Ha-Tikšuv, seldom abbreviated to Atak) is the Israel Defense Forces body which charts the communication, wireless transmission, computerization, command and control over and defense of information in the IDF. The Directorate was created on March 3, 2003, on the basis of some functions previously held by the C4I Corps. The Directorate is also responsible for Cyber Defense in the IDF, a fact which has led to the name of the Directorate being changed to "The J6/C4I & Cyber Defense Directorate" in May 2017.

The directorate is headed by Aluf Lior Carmeli.


The J6/C4I & Cyber Defense Directorate comprises four main brigade-level units: the C4I Corps, the Operating Brigade (Hebrew: חטיבת ההפעלה‎, Hativat HaHaf'ala), which deals with operational communications and electronic warfare, the Cyber Defense Brigade (Hebrew: חטיבת ההגנה בסייבר‎, Hativat HaHagana Be'Saib'er), which is responsible for the cyber defense of internal IDF networks,[1] and Lotem (Hebrew: לוט"ם‎, an abbreviation for Unit for Telecommunications and Information Technology).

Lotem lists the following units:

  • Mamram (ממר"ם) – Center of Computers and Information Systems – responsible for managing military software and computer infrastructure.
  • Hoshen (חושן) – responsible for operating the army's communication systems.
  • Matzov (מצו"ב) – Center of Encryption and Information Security – the Israeli national information security center. Oversees the development of cyber-security systems for units in the IDF, Israeli department of defense and other strategic partners. The unit is responsible for the protection of digital military data and information security strategy.
  • Ma'of (מעו"ף) – Systems and Projects – responsible for planning and engineering telecommunication systems.
  • Matzpen (מצפ"ן) – Military Systems for Command and Control and management of logistics and human resources. The army's biggest software house that consists of the unification of Leshem (לשם) and Shoham (שהם) units.



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