Colegio Coya

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Colegio Coya
Camino Santa Emilia 113

School type Private high school
Motto "Abriendo Surcos"
Established 1958
School district Cachapoal
Principal Jorge Burgos Fuentes
Campus type Country
Color(s) Burgundy      and White     

Colegio Coya de Machali (abbreviated in the acronym CC) , establishment of preschool, elementary and secondary education of Machali in Chile . Educational Corporation belongs to a private , nonprofit , secular , non denominational which is administered by a directorate . It belongs to the Federation of Private Education Institutions (FIDE ) and the International Red Eco-Schools[1] According to a ranking published by the newspaper La Tercera, the Coya College was the school No. 8 to regional level taking into account the University Selection Test (PSU ) Admission 2015 .[2]

Location and Infrastructure

The Coya School is located on the outskirts of the city of Machali all classes are in one building. The main entrance is on the street Santa Emilia. It is noted for the great architecture inspired by the classic Chilean country houses, with colossal spaces, large green areas and a central corridor that runs through the property forming a spiral.

The school has 41 classrooms, one computer lab, one English laboratory, 2 science labs (supplied with solar energy), 1 casino, 1 library, 3 staff rooms, one auditorium (equipped with professional audio and lighting), 1 gym, 15 administrative offices, 1 meeting room, 1 living printing, bathrooms, patios with extensive landscaping, wineries, standard football pitch FIFA, athletic track, locker rooms, multipurpose room, etc., spread over 9,530 square meters, in an area of 5.5 hectares.

Educational Sections

The school includes courses Preschool (Play Group, Prekinder and Kindergarten), Primary Education (1st to 8th basic) year, and Media Education[clarification needed] (1st to 4th half year). There are two courses per level (A and B).

The levels are organized in cycles, which focus for education by age of students in each level, each cycle has its own Inspector and Coordinator. The cycles of the college are:

  • Cycle Nursery: Play Group to Kindergarten
  • 1st Cycle: 1st to 4th grade basic
  • 2nd Cycle: Basic 5th to 8th grade
  • Media Cycle: 1st half at 4 medium.

All levels of school have in common, General Inspector, Counselor and psychologist


'Coya Festival Theatre'

In 2012 a cultural project designed to assist in the task of decentralizing art initiative perfect shod with the expectations of Colegio Coya which specific actions each year was created to bring the arts to the community school and O'Higgins Region without access to artistic expressions. So the first version of Coya Festival Theatre, where five works, between August and November, which gathered more than 2,000 attendees were presented arises.

Funded by FONDART, the work of Coya College and the Municipalities of Peumo and Machalí, in 2013 the second version which brought together more than 2,500 people was conducted more than 700 students from poor and rural areas of the region.

Since then the festival has grown in the number of attendees, works and duration, reaching the third version 9 plays that will be exhibited for six months to more than 3,000 people; with a Billboard award winning and acclaimed productions during 2014.[3]


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