Code Name: The Cleaner

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Code Name: The Cleaner
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Les Mayfield
Produced by
Written by
Music by George S. Clinton
Cinematography David Franco
Edited by Michael Matzdorff
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date
  • January 5, 2007 (2007-01-05) (United States)
  • December 7, 2007 (2007-12-07) (United Kingdom)
Running time
84 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $20 million
Box office $10,337,477

Code Name: The Cleaner is a 2007 American action comedy film directed by Les Mayfield and starring Lucy Liu, Cedric the Entertainer, Callum Keith Rennie and Nicollette Sheridan. The film was released by New Line Cinema on January 5, 2007. Upon its release, the film was met with negative reviews by critics and was a box office failure.


Jake Rogers wakes up next to a dead man's corpse in a hotel, having no idea who he was. He finds a suitcase full of money lying next to him, and also notices an odd bump in his head. He takes the money and goes down to the main lobby of the hotel. There, he meets a woman named Diane, and she told him that she was his wife. Diane takes Jake into her car, and they head towards his mansion.

In the house, Jake enjoys a couple activities such as golfing and eating M & Ms before Diane ushers him into her bedroom, and she tries convincing him to tell herself any possible fragments of memory he still has from before he woke up in the hotel room. Here, he has a cut scene in is head of him being in a war fighting. These cut scenes would happen once every while during the movie. This convinced Jake that he was some undercover agent. Eventually, a doctor comes to the house and tells Diane that a needle would get him to talk. Jake eavesdropped on the conversation and escaped the house. At this point, Jake was on the run.

Later, Jake got himself caught up in an acting play so he would not be noticed by Diane and her goons and to pickpocket a credit card (for cash needs). He snuck himself in and performed normally, with nobody being suspicious of him. When the play ended, he got a credit card and exited the building.

Overwhelmed, Jake parks next to a diner and walks in. There, he takes a blank sheet of paper and begins drafting all of the events he had been through. Some of these include "big briefcase of money", "Diane", and "big crib."

As he was drafting ideas, an Asian waitress walked over to him with an ice container. She poured the ice on his legs, and yelled at him in front of everyone at the diner, until she saw the bump on his, where she stopped and examined it. She told him that she was Gina, his girlfriend, and that he was missing for days, not even contacting her, which is why she got angry. Jake then looks at a skyscraper building that he partly remembers from his memory. He asks Gina if he owns that building because, after all, he is rich. He told Gina his story and what had happened to him, claiming that he was an undercover agent; Gina does not really believe him at all. Gina then sarcastically told him that his code name there was "The Cleaner". She told him that he "swept up" his enemies, and "cleaned those toilets". At this point, Gina yelled to Jake that he was a janitor at the building. Jake realized that Diane had lied to him and that he was not a rich man at all. He asks Gina if he can help him figure out his life, and Gina agrees.

As the two head to Gina's house, Diane's men begin chasing the car and they barely escape. When they get into the house, Gina tells him to check his call log for some evidence of him being an "undercover agent". All that comes up is fast food restaurants, but Jake is still convinced that he is an undercover agent. Gina asks him to tell him what's really going on, because she thought he cheated on her with Diane. Jake shows Gina the briefcase with the money, and tells her that Diane mentioned something about a computer chip. Gina gets worried that Diane and her men are coming to get them again, so Jake and Gina head back to the car to go to Jake's house. She also said that it could help him remember more about their situation.

In Jake's house, he gets a phone call from a man named Riley. Riley asks him if he remembered him at all, and Jake said no. He told Jake to trust no one and to meet him at the airport in one hour. Jake says he will do it, and Gina and himself drive to the airport to meet him.

When Jake and Gina reach the airport, Jake tells Gina to wait in the car. In the airport, Riley startles him. He asks for a computer chip, but Jake has no idea what he is talking about. Then, gunfire starts, and Jake runs outside the airport. He sees Diane, but two of her men lift him into a car. The car moves outward to an open parking lot in the airport. Everybody gets out, and Diane asks Jake to give back the computer chip, although Jake has no idea what computer chip Diane was talking about. Diane's boss, Shaw, also comes into the scene, and he tells the men to stick a needle into Jake. Jake tries escaping, but it is no use. Apparently, the needle was a truth serum, and it was supposed to make Jake tell Shaw where this computer chip was, but the serum did not really affect him at all because he was overdosed. Shaw did not get any answers, because Jake had no idea what the computer chip even was.

Suddenly, as Gina pulls up the car, Jake gets up and runs towards it. He manages to get it it without coming to any harm. In the car, Gina reveals her identity as an FBI agent. Then she got on the phone with her boss, Martin, who told her to tell her location and to stop running away from Shaw and Diane. Gina said she could not do that, and she shut the phone. She told Jake that they were on their own from that point on. She also told Jake that there was a very valuable computer chip that Shaw and Diane thought Jake knew the location of and that they wanted to sell it on the black market for a very high price. Gina was assigned to Jake for this.

Jake and Gina enter a game store, and Gina had surveillance tapes of Jake learning "spy moves" from a television show. This exposed his theory of him being a super spy agent, and all of the flashbacks he had were from that show, just him being the main protagonist, so it was just an illusion in his head. He had never really done any of it in real life.

The two head back to Jake's house, and there, Jake asks Gina whether she had actually liked him while they were a "couple". Gina replied that he made it real easy to for herself to be with him, and she was happy the entire time. Suddenly, Jake remembered the real location of the computer chip in the building he worked as a janitor at. He and Gina ride over to the building immediately.

After shoving a security guard into their trunk, Jake and Gina run into the building, preparing to fight. They safely make it to the room that Jake knew the computer chip was in, and they got it with no hesitation. Then, as they were exiting the room, Shaw and his men came and demanded the computer chip, with guns pointing at them. Jake has one last flashback that shows him stumbling onto the room with the chip, and he calls the FBI. When Shaw and one of his men arrive, they thank him and ask him to hand over the computer chip. Jake makes a joke and asks what's in it for him. Shaw does not take it as a joke and holds up the briefcase with $250,000. Now Jake is confused because he meant that question as a joke; he was not aware that the officers were dead serious. They begun fighting when Shaw accidentally shoots the other officer, which ended up being the dead corpse. Jake collapses onto the bed, where he lies unconscious until the beginning of the movie where he wakes up.

Jake leaves the flashback, and Riley, who was being held captive, yelled to Jake that we was not an international agent but just a janitor. Jake realizes all after that this was true, and yells, "We're gonna die!" Then the fighting began. Jake fought with his fists, and Gina had a pistol. Sometime during the fight, Gina runs out of bullets, and the enemies were getting closer to them. They begun throwing supplies from a janitor's closet at the men, and it surprisingly takes out most of the men. When Shaw as the only man left, and Gina was on the ground, Jake used his fighting skills he actually had and knocked Shaw to the ground.

When the police arrived to the scene, Martin, Gina's boss, was very pleased at Gina, and said he should have never doubted her. He also praises Jake, and invites him to the FBI with Gina. Just as Jake and Martin were talking, Gina notices Diane in the corner of her eye casually walking out of the scene to her car. She runs over to Diane and begins fighting. Diane begins seriously hurting Gina, but Jake does not do anything because he is hallucinating an image with both of them in pool, when Gina yells at Jake to help, but Jake dreamily says no. Gina says fine, and swipes her foot at Diane, knocking her to the ground.

On Jake's first day on his new job, Gina greets him at his new office. She had framed the original sheet of paper that Jake drew in the restaurant. Jake and Gina were together for real, and as they were walking away, Jake forgets something. He runs back and fetches the briefcase. Gina screams with happiness as the two walked away with their fortune. They had done a job well done, and successfully closed the computer chip case.



The film received overwhelmingly negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 4% based on 82 reviews (79 negative, 3 positive), with the website concluding: "Code Name: The Cleaner is a limp action/comedy flick that alternates between lame, worn-out jokes and cheesy martial arts."[1] Metacritic gave the film a score of 33 out of 100, based on 16 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".[2]

The film managed to gross only $10,337,477 worldwide against a $20,000,000 production budget.[3]

The film received a Razzie nomination for Worst Supporting Actress (Nicollette Sheridan).[4]

Home media

Code Name: The Cleaner was released on April 24, 2007[5] and sold 224,724 units translating to revenue of $4,492,233.[6]

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