Coastal Troops of the Russian Navy

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The Coastal Troops (СТs) are the Service Arm of the Navy, designed to cover the Fleets’ forces, troops, population and seashore objects against the exposure to enemy surface ships; to defend naval bases and other important facilities of the Fleets from the land, including against amphibious and air assaults; to be landed and act in the course of amphibious and air-amphibious assaults; to support the Land Force in the course of anti-airborne defence of landing-attractive seashore areas; to destroy surface ships, boats and amphibious transport means within the fire envelope.[1]

The Coastal Troops of the Russian Navy include three Arms: the Coastal Defence Missile Artillery, motorized rifle troops (coastal defense troops) and the Naval Infantry.[1]

Each Arm solves certain objectives on its own and in conjunction with the other Arms of the Coastal Troops and Forces of the Navy, as well as formations and units of the other Services and Arms of the Armed Forces.[1]

Brigades and battalions are the main organizational elements of the Coastal Troops.[1]

The Coastal Troops are mainly equipped with combined-arms armaments and equipment. They are armed with coastal missile systems (CMSs) of anti-ship guided missiles, stationary and mobile artillery mounts, designed to destroy sea and ground targets, special (naval) reconnaissance means, etc.[1]


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