Classical Mechanics (Kibble and Berkshire book)

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Classical Mechanics (5th ed.)
Classical Mechanics (Kibble and Berkshire book).jpg
Author Tom W. B. Kibble & Frank H. Berkshire
Country UK
Language English
Subject Physics
Genre Non-fiction; science text
Publisher Imperial College Press
Publication date
Pages 500
ISBN 978-1-86094-435-2 (pbk)

Classical Mechanics (5th ed.) is a well-established textbook written by Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble, FRS, (born 1932) and Frank Berkshire of the Imperial College Mathematics Department. The book provides a thorough coverage of the fundamental principles and techniques of classical mechanics, a long-standing subject which is at the base of all of physics.

Publication history

The English language editions were published as follows:[1] The first edition was published by Kibble, as Kibble, T. W. B. Classical Mechanics. London: McGraw–Hill, 1966. 296 p.
The second ed., also just by Kibble, was in 1973 . The 4th, jointly with F H Berkshire, was is 1996 The 5th, jointly with F H Berkshire, in 2004

The book has been translated into several languages:

  • French, by Michel Le Ray and Françoise Guérin as Mécanique classique
  • Modern Greek, by Δ. Σαρδελής και Π. Δίτσας, επιμέλεια Γ. Ι. Παπαδόπουλος. Σαρδελής, Δ. Δίτσας, Π as 'Κλασσική μηχανική
  • German
  • Turkish, by Kemal Çolakoğlu as Klasik mekanik
  • Spanish, as Mecánica clásica
  • Portuguese as Mecanica classica


The various editions are held in 1789 libraries.[2] In comparison, the various (2011) editions of Herbert Goldstein's Classical Mechanics are held in 1772. libraries[3]

The fourth edition was reviewed by C. Isenberg in 1997 in the European Journal of Physics.[4] It was also reviewed in New Scientist and Contemporary Physics.[5]

Contents (5th edition)

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