Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State

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Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State
Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Coat of Arms
Bandeira da Polícia Civil do Rio de Janeiro.JPG
Abbreviation PCRJ
Agency overview
Formed 1808
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Brazil
Size 43,696.1 km2
Population 16,231,365 (2012)
Governing body Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro
General nature
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Official website (in Portuguese)

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State (Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, in Portuguese) is the police force responsible for criminal investigations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Formed in 1808, it is subordinated to the state government and directed by a Chief of Police, chosen by the state's Governor.

Roles and functions today

Police car in older graphics.
Mobile forensic unit
Police car - 2010

The police activity of prevention and repression of the penal infractions is exercised by the Police Stations situated in the police circumscriptions which correspond to the geographic areas of the suburbs of Rio Metropolitan Region or the country municipalities.

Each Police Station is directed by a Police Delegate helped by Adjunctive Police Delegates, chiefs of police groups and police services.

According to their geographic localization in the territory of the State, the Police Stations are subordinate to one of the three great operational departments of the Police: of the Capital (Rio de Janeiro city), of the "Baixada Fluminense" (municipalities which form Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area, except Rio de Janeiro city) and Inland (which contains ten regions).

The criminal investigations developed by the police stations may be supported by the Specialized Police Department, through its specialized organs (divisions) when repressing the homicide crimes of unknown authors, narcotics, robbery, theft and large frauds.

Special Operations

The CORE (Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais, in Portuguese), formed in 1969, is a police tactical unit within the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro.

It is a special service which use highly trained policemen in dangerous tasks that Police have to face daily.



  • Police Delegate (Delegado)
  • Police Crime Register Agent (Oficial de Cartório Policial)
  • Police Inspector (Inspetor de Polícia)
  • Police Investigator (Investigador Policial)
  • Criminal Expert (Perito Criminal)


In popular media

The Rio civil police appear in Fast Five, the fifth movie of the Fast and the Furious series, where many of them are corrupt and in the payroll of drug lord Hernan Reyes, being sent to try and retrieve his vault full of his drug money after it was stolen from the PMERJ station alongside the PMERJ and PRF. However, thanks to Dominic Toretto and his team, all of their pursuing cruisers are destroyed, their corrupt officers slaughtered, and Reyes himself executed by DSS Agent Luke Hobbs in revenge for murdering his team back in the favelas.

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