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Type of site
Civic crowdfunding
Owner Jordan Raynor, Tony DeSisto, Erik Rapprich, and Joy Randels

Citizinvestor is an American-based civic crowdfunding website that describes itself as a "crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects."


Citizinvestor is an online crowdfunding platform specifically focused on raising money for public projects and community infrastructure, started by entrepreneurs in Tampa, Florida.[1] It was inspired by a case in Davis Islands where the community wanted a swimming pool repaired, but the city did not have the finances to do so; citizens successfully raised the funds with events and going door-to-door and this became the model for Citizinvestor.[1] The founders hope to "spark a rise of micro philanthropists".[1] The platform allows citizens to promote independent projects through a petition process and also works with city officials to crowdfund civic projects that were planned but abandoned due to budget constraints.[1]

  • Founded by Jordan Raynor, Tony DeSisto, Erik Rapprich, and Joy Randels
  • Donations are 100% tax deductible
  • Donors are not charged if their project does not reach its funding target
  • Projects can only be submitted by government entities, usually municipal governments
  • People can start petitions for new projects
  • Government can engage with citizens who propose projects and generate support for projects and programs in their community
  • Unlike Kickstarter, no perks/rewards/swag are offered
  • Initial focus is on projects: between $10,000 and $100,000.
  • Charges a 5% fee plus 3% for payment processing

Citizinvestor also offers a SaaS product, Citizinvestor Connect. This product allows local municipalities, public-private partnerships, economic development organizations, and non profits can license the platform and customize it for their organization leveraging it to raise funds and engage with their community. Customers for this product range from local governments to Fish and Wildlife agencies, and Innovation Districts to name a few.


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