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Cinema of Switzerland
Festival internazionale del film di Locarno.JPG
Piazza Grande in Locarno during the Locarno Film Festival
No. of screens 547 (2011)[1]
 • Per capita 7.7 per 100,000 (2011)[1]
Main distributors United International Pictures (Schweiz) Gmbh 19.0%
Walt Disney Studio (Schweiz) Ag 18.1%
Warner Bros. Pictures 15.8%[2]
Produced feature films (2011)[3]
Fictional 31 (36.9%)
Animated 1 (1.2%)
Documentary 52 (61.9%)
Number of admissions (2011)[5]
Total 14,896,020
 • Per capita 2 (2012)[4]
National films 637,554 (4.3%)
Gross box office (2011)[5]
Total CHF 231 million
National films CHF 9.06 million (3.9%)

The film industry based in Switzerland dates to the 1930s. It is influenced by the neighboring countries of France, Germany and Italy, with which it shares languages. Before the mid-1960s Swiss films were often sentimental, but the French New Wave led to more experimental cinema.[6]

The Solothurn Film Festival was founded in 1966 with a declaration of showing the modern reality of Swiss Life. It is the most important festival for Swiss film productions.[6]

The Locarno Festival founded in 1946 is an annual film festival held every August in Locarno, Switzerland.

As of 2014, The Swissmakers (1978) (Die Schweizermacher) is the highest grossing Swiss movie of all time.[7]

In German-speaking cantons, French-language films usually have German subtitles. Likewise, in French-speaking cantons, German-language films usually have French subtitles. Adult-oriented films in foreign languages are often screened with original audio and double subtitles in German and French. Children-oriented films in foreign languages are usually dubbed.

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