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Chubu University
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Type Private
Established 1938 (1938)
Location Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
35°16′27″N 137°00′58″E / 35.2742°N 137.016°E / 35.2742; 137.016Coordinates: 35°16′27″N 137°00′58″E / 35.2742°N 137.016°E / 35.2742; 137.016

Chubu University (中部大学, Chūbu Daigaku) is located in Kasugai, Aichi, Japan.

Chubu University was established as Chubu Institute of Technology in 1964 with Motto "Acta non Versa and Reliable Person", of which history is retroactive to Nagoya Diichi High School established in 1938. It was renamed as Chubu University in 1984, since when it has been extended to a comprehensive university holding seven schools and six graduate schools with about 11,000 students and twenty research institutions.

It is located on a hill with full of green trees in City of Kasugai neighboring in the north of City of Nagoya with the population of 2.3 million, the central city of Chubu (meaning Central Japan). There are Japanese major industries such as automobile industry including Toyota and Honda, aerospace industry including Heavy Industries of Mitsubishi and Kawasaki as well as small high skill manufacturers producing one-third of parts of Boeing jets and Mitsubishi Regional Jet, textile industry including Toray producing carbon fiber. Chubu University has strong connections with these big and small industries.

Whilst, Chubu University has promoted sustainability sciences including certified as a Regional Center of UNESCO ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), and the connections with NASA in digital earth research, with Club of Rome and United Nations Center for Regional Development in global critical issues, SDGs and quality of life and with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in smart transport and city planning in developing countries.

Distinguished scholars and their research

Chancellor Atsuo Iiyoshi, the plasma physicist, was the leader of Japan team in international competition in nuclear fusion method in 80’s and President of National Institute for Fusion Science. President Osamu Ishihara, also plasma physicist, has experienced to teach in US for 25 years and Life fellow of IEEE. Okitsugu Yamashita, Ex President, is an entomologist and received prizes such as Louis Pasteur Prize.

Institute of Science and technology are gathering eminent researchers including Hisashi Yamamoto (Catalyst Chemistry, President of Japan Society of Chemistry, awarded including Japan Academy Prize, Roger Adams Prize), Mitsuo Sawamoto (Molecule Chemistry, awarded including Benjamin Franklin Medal) and Yoshitsugu Hayashi (Sustainable and Well-being City, Full Member of Club of Rome, President of World Conference on Transport Research Society).

Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies has also excellent researchers including Takaho Ando (History of Philosophy, awarded Japan Academy Prize), Hiromichi Fukui (Digital Earth) and Kimitaka Kawamura (Atmospheric Chemistry, awards including Geochemical Society Geochemical Fellow).

Center for Applied Superconductivity and Sustainable Energy Research directed by Sakutaro Yamaguchi has achieved the world top performance in electricity transmission, i.e. 1 million kw by a coil only in 5cm diameter covered by a 30 cm pipe for cooling at minus 196 degrees in Celsius. This technology will bring a revolution in electricity transmission by replacing huge infrastructure of several 100m high pylons by a pipe in 30 cm diameter. Electric companies in Europe and Asia have much interest in it.

Visiting Scholars

Chubu University gathers eminent visiting professors including Koichiro Matsuura (Emeritus Member of Club of Rome, Ex Secretary General of UNESCO), Alexander Likhotal (Full Member of Club of Rome, Ex.President of Green Cross International, Spokesman under President Gorbachev of Soviet Union), Timothy Foresman (Principal Researcher for Digital Earth Project under Vice-President Al Gore), etc.

Outreaching activities to local society

Outreach activities of the university are extended to local society very actively. A competitive fund was awarded for the revitalization of Kozoji New Town, which was constructed as one of the big new towns built in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka metropolitan areas in 1970’s and has been recently declining due to the aging of inhabitants. Cultural events such as Chubu University Music Festival, Adult College, and Kids Seminar are popular among the local citizens.


Chubu University is active also in sport, particularly in handball, Kendo and baseball, of which teams have been always selected to Japanese university championship. The Handball club became the Champion in 2014. Also, professional baseball players have been produced. It has excellent sports facilities including all-weather 400m x 6 lane track, 4-story Budo (Kendo, Judo) arena, one of the best among Japanese universities.

International Affiliations

Chubu University has 44 international affiliations as listed below. Amongst them, 40 years long special cooperation with Ohio University since 1977 is worthy of special mention. PASEO (Preparation for Academic Study in English Overseas) in Chubu University was originally started in 1991 in which lecturers sent by Ohio University are teaching. Student exchange has counted several hundred during 40 years. Yamada House in Ohio University campus was donated by Chubu University and Cupola in Chubu University campus was donated by Ohio University. 


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