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Jo Sik
Hangul 조식
Revised Romanization Jo Sik
McCune–Reischauer Cho Sik
Pen name
Hangul 남명
Revised Romanization Nammyeong
McCune–Reischauer Nammyŏng
Courtesy name
Hangul 건중
Revised Romanization Geonjung
McCune–Reischauer Gŏnjung
Posthumous name
Hangul 문정
Revised Romanization Munjeong
McCune–Reischauer Munjŏng

Jo Sik (July 10, 1501 – February 21, 1572) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty Neo-Confucian scholar, educator, and poet. He had a major influence on the Easterners and the Northerners.


Jo sik was born in Togol, South Gyeongsang Province, in 1501.


  • Nammyeong jip (남명집 南冥集)
  • Nammyeong hakgi (남명학기 南冥學記)
  • Sinmeongsado (신명사도 神明舍圖)
  • Pahan japgi (파한잡기 破閑雜記)
  • Nammeong hakgi yupyeon (남명학기유편 南冥學記類編)
  • Nammyeong ga (남명가 南冥歌)
  • Gwonseonjiro ga (권선지로가 勸善指路歌)

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