Chinese bamboo weaving

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Shengzhou bamboo Shaoxing octagonal three grid baskets (1950's)
Chinese boy carrying a bamboo basket (before 1945)
Bamboo basket maker in Hainan

Bamboo weaving is a form of bambooworking and a craft of China. It is based on bamboo material, with pressure, pick, and, in the form of knitting and a traditional Chinese art of hand weaving.


Bamboo, phyllostachys heteroclada, chimonobambusa qundrangularis due to bamboo color, such as stiffness, good gloss, is now relatively common folk material.

Chinese hemudu cultural ruins unearthed bamboo weaving 7000 years ago proved simple bamboo weaving has settled in the early human life period; During the warring states period, bamboo weaving form becomes rich, during the warring states period unearthed bamboo township anji bamboo weaving cultural relics: bamboo bowl, bamboo box and so on is the development of bamboo weaving proof; The bamboo weaving of the qin and han dynasties is applied to other areas, bamboo mat, bamboo curtain, etc., also has been unearthed in xian with bamboo at the bottom of the grid pattern of "qin shi huang copper carriage"; Tang and song dynasties, bamboo weaving art in the folk, but also as a toy, the famous sweethearts drama "zhaojun plug" used in the horse is bamboo weaving. Middle Ming dynasty, bamboo weaving was made for the box, such as pipe cap box, general tank is the typical representative; After the founding, our country began to seriously, to the development of bamboo culture of bamboo weaving folk artists Settings such as "Chinese bamboo craft master" title. Also the right place with title, such as "the hometown of Chinese bamboo weaving".


At present, the bamboo weaving in life mainly be used for furniture, tea set, curtain, lanterns, etc.

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