Chief of the General Staff (Montenegro)

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Chief of the General Staff
Начелник Генералштаба
Načelnik Generalštaba
Military of Montenegro.gif
Logo of the Military of Montenegro
Brigadier General Dragutin Dakić

since 12 July 2018
Ministry of Defence
Member of General Staff
Reports to Minister of Defence
Appointer Milo Đukanović
President of Montenegro
Formation 9 June 2006 (modern)
First holder Lieutenant General Jovan Lakčević (modern)
Deputy Colonel Svetozar Brajković

The Chief of the General Staff (Montenegrin: Начелник Генералштаба / Načelnik Generalštaba) is the chief of the General Staff and Armed Forces of Montenegro. The chief of staff is appointed by the President of Montenegro, who is the commander-in-chief. The position dates back to the Principality of Montenegro. The current Chief of the General Staff is Brigadier General Dragutin Dakić.

Chiefs of the General Staff (?–1918)

For period from 1918 to 2006, see Chief of the General Staff of Yugoslavia.

Chiefs of the General Staff (2006–present)

Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch Ref
Jovan Lakčević
Lakčević, JovanLieutenant General
Jovan Lakčević
(born 1955)
9 June 2006 6 February 2008 1 year, 242 days VCG-KOV.png
Ground Army
Dragan Samardžić
Samardžić, DraganAdmiral
Dragan Samardžić
(born 1963)
6 February 2008 13 January 2017 8 years, 342 days Montenegrin Navy coat of arms.png
Ljubiša Jokić
Samardžić, DraganLieutenant general
Ljubiša Jokić
(born 1958)
13 January 2017 17 October 2017 277 days Montenegrin Air Force emblem.svg
Air Force
Ilija Daković
Daković, IlijaBrigadier General
Ilija Daković
(born 1972)
17 October 2017 12 July 2018 268 days VCG-KOV.png
Ground Army
Dragutin Dakić
Dakić, DragutinBrigadier General
Dragutin Dakić
(born 1968)
12 July 2018 Incumbent 126 days VCG-KOV.png
Ground Army

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  1. ^ In the beginning, served as Acting Chief of the General Staff.


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