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Charles Townsend Copeland
Portrait of Charles Townsend Copeland.jpg
Born April 27, 1860 
Died July 24, 1952  (aged 92)
Alma mater

Charles Townsend Copeland (April 27, 1860 – July 24, 1952) was a professor, poet, and writer.

He graduated from Harvard University and spent much of his time as a mentor at Harvard, where he served in several posts, including Boylston Professor of Rhetoric from 1925 to 1928.[1] He also worked as a part-time theater critic. Known as "Copey" by many of his peers and admirers, he became known for his Harvard poetry readings in the 1930s.[2][3] In her autobiography, The Story of My Life, Helen Keller paid high praise to Copeland as an instructor.[citation needed]


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