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A Chamchamal town center view, 2009.jpg
Chamchamal is located in Iraqi Kurdistan
Chamchamal is located in Iraq
Coordinates: 35°32′0″N 44°50′0″E / 35.53333°N 44.83333°E / 35.53333; 44.83333Coordinates: 35°32′0″N 44°50′0″E / 35.53333°N 44.83333°E / 35.53333; 44.83333
Country  Iraq
Autonomous region  Kurdistan
Province Sulaymaniyah Governorate

Chamchamal (Kurdish: Çemçemall چه‌مچه‌ماڵ‎, Arabic جمجمال, ) is a Kurdish city located in Iraqi Kurdistan. The population of this city is estimated to be around 200,000 people.

Population and location

The city is a 30 minutes drive east from Kirkuk and an hour west of Sulaymaniyah.[1] The population was 58,000 in 2003.[1] More recent reports cite a population of 250,000, including 25,000 Arabs.[2]


Kurdish Sorani and laki is spoken by most inhabitants.[citation needed]


The city has a historic citadel, and early Western observers of the region speculated that it has been inhabited since the Sassanid period.[3] The Chamchamal valley is also home to important paleolithic sites of Jarmo and Zarzi.[4]


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