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Chakraborty is a surname from the Indian subcontinent meaning ′Ruler of the country′ or 'Emperor'.[1][2] It is derived from the Sanskrit words cakra (wheel) and 'vart' (to roll or turn) which metaphorically denotes a ruler whose chariot wheels roll without obstruction.[2] Chakraborty is commonly found among Bengali Hindus in India and Bangladesh especially within Brahmins and Kshatriyas.[3] It is spelled in various ways, including Chakravartty, Chakravertty Chakraverty, Chakraborty, Chakraborti, Chokroborti, Chakrabarti, Chakrabarty, Chakraverty, Chakravarty, Chakravarti, Chakravartin, Chakravorti, Chakrabortty, Chakravorty and Chuckreverty.

Origin and meaning

Sanskrit čakravartī literally means ‘wheels rolling’ (čakra ‘wheel’ + vart ‘to roll or turn’); metaphorically, it describes a ruler whose chariot wheels roll everywhere without obstruction.[2]

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