Central Asian Football Association

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Central Asian Football Association
CAFF member associations map.png
Abbreviation CAFA
Formation 9 January 2015; 2 years ago (2015-01-09)
Type Sports organization
Headquarters Tashkent, Uzbekistan
6 member associations
Uzbekistan Mirabror Usmanov
Vice President
Iran Ali Kafashian

The Central Asian Football Association (CAFA)[1] is an association of the football playing nations in Central Asia.

In June 2014, the association was in principle approved by the Asian Football Confederation and approved at the Extraordinary Congress in January 2015 during the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.[2][3] As a result, CAFA will in the future be able to have member(s) on the AFC executive committee.

The formation of CAFA was spearheaded by the Iranian Football Federation following disputes with West Asian Football Federation members. It was reported that AFC President Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa gained politically from the creation of the new zone.[4]


Members of the six nations met with AFC president Sheikh Salman on 10 May 2014 to talk about the possibility of creating a new Asian football zone. The delegations were invited by the AFC president following an initiative by Iran and Afghanistan.[5] At the extraordinary AFC congress on 9 June 2014 in São Paulo, the plan of the new zone was ratified by the congress.[6][7]

Member associations

CAFA will consist of six member associations. All of them are members of the Asian Football Confederation.

Code Association National Football teams National Futsal teams National Beach
Soccer teams
Founded FIFA
Former federation
AFG Afghanistan Afghanistan Men's Men's 1933 1948 1954 2015 Yes SAFF (2005–2014)
IRN Iran Iran Men's · Men's U-20 · Women's Men's 1920 1948 1954 2015 Yes WAFF (2000–2014)
KGZ Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Men's - 1992 1994 1994 2015 Yes n/a
TJK Tajikistan Tajikistan Men's - 1936 1994 1994 2015 Yes n/a
TKM Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Men's - 1992 1994 1994 2015 Yes n/a
UZB Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Men's · Women's Men's 1946 1994 1994 2015 Yes n/a
Association National Football Leagues National Football Cups Super Cups
 Afghanistan Afghan Premier League - -
 Iran Persian Gulf Pro League
Kowsar Women Football league
Hazfi Cup Iranian Super Cup
 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan League
Kyrgyzstan Women's Championship
Kyrgyzstan Cup Kyrgyzstan Super Cup
 Tajikistan Tajik League Tajik Cup Tajik Supercup
 Turkmenistan Ýokary Liga Turkmenistan Cup Turkmenistan Super Cup
 Uzbekistan Uzbek League
Uzbek women's football championship
Uzbekistan Cup Uzbekistan Super Cup


Executive committee

Position Name Years active
President Uzbekistan Mirabror Usmanov 2015–
Vice-president Tajikistan Rustam Emomali 2015–
General Secretary Uzbekistan Sardor Rakhmatullaev 2015–
Vice-General Secretary Afghanistan Sayed Ali Reza Aghazada 2015–
AFC Vice-president Iran Ali Kafashian[10] 2015–
Female General Secretary Afghanistan Zohra Mehri 2015–

CAFA championship

CAFA runs several competitions which cover men's, women's, youth and futsal.

Competition Holders Last Event Next event
CAFA Championship TBD - 2018
CAFA Futsal Championship TBD - -
CAFA U-19 Championship  Uzbekistan 2016 TBD
CAFA U-15 Championship  Tajikistan 2017 TBD
CAFA U-19 Womens Championship  Uzbekistan 2016 TBD

Under-19 Men's

Year Host Final Third Place Match
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd Place Score 4th Place
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan U19 1 - 0[15] Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan U19 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan U19 2 - 1 Afghanistan Afghanistan U19

Under-15 Men's

Year Host Final Third Place Match
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd Place Score 4th Place
2017[16], [17]

Afghanistan Afghanistan U15 n/a(1) Uzbekistan Uzbekistan U15 Tajikistan Tajikistan U15 n/a(1) Turkmenistan Turkmenistan U15
1 Tournament was played in round-robin format.

Under-19 Women's

Year Host Final Third Place Match
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd Place Score 4th Place
 Uzbekistan ? - ?  Iran  Kyrgyzstan ? - ?  Tajikistan

CAFA Championship

Year Host Final Third Place Match
Winner Score Runner-up 3rd Place Score 4th Place
2018 Uzbekistan

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