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March 2016 campaign


March Link User U_talk Other Dashb Total
01 17 40 0 15 1 73
08 2 35 0 18 0 55
10 5 30 0 16 0 51
11 5 23 0 13 0 41
12 6 22 0 10 0 38
13 6 19 0 7 1 33
14 6 18 0 8 0 32
15 7 18 0 7 0 32
16 7 18 0 8 0 33
17 7 13 0 7 0 27
18 7 17 0 8 3 35
19 7 16 0 6 7 36
20 7 14 0 9 3 33
21 9 31 0 2 63 105
22 8 21 0 8 65 102
25 9 19 0 8 65 101
26 9 13 0 8 2 32
27 9 18 0 6 65 98
28 9 20 0 5 65 99
29 9 13 0 4 3 29
31 9 24 0 2 63 98


page last modif date why status
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List of One Piece episodes (seasons 9-14) Yobot 2016-03-03T10:04:28Z load  Done
List of One Piece episodes (seasons 1-8) Yobot 2016-03-07T07:58:55Z balancing  Done
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List of Pokémon Adventures chapters Anna24114 2016-01-19T06:08:24Z  Done
List of Pokémon episodes 2016-03-10T16:01:17Z  Done
User:IJReid/sandbox/Cladogram request/Archive 1 Lowercase sigmabot III 2016-02-24T04:47:24Z  Done
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Wikipedia:Noticeboard for India-related topics SpacemanSpiff 2015-09-09T17:42:59Z LCSB3 ? Cornflower blue check.svg Seems-solved
Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Featured log/June 2008 Joopwiki 2011-04-16T19:25:53Z  Done
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List of Pokémon episodes 2016-03-16T10:57:10Z  Done
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List of Pokémon episodes 2606:6000:E6CE:8100:F929:9AEF:173B:3616 2016-03-25T03:09:43Z  Done
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Endorsements for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016 LM2000 2016-03-27T00:44:51Z  Done+

April 2016 campaign

Temporarily overflow due to {{admin dashboard}}. This template assembles the results of many sub-templates, with many tests. Clearly, should be rewritten in a more compact way. I will test {{Admin dashboard/light}} on the overflown pages. It appears that more than often, the hide/show blocs are broken, except when using {{divhide}} .

  • is for tagging this kind of overflow.

2016-03-20 dashboard overflow

# page last modif date ? status
1 Template:Admin dashboard/testcases Technical 13 2014-03-09T16:19:16Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
2 User:Amakuru/Dashboard Amakuru 2011-02-09T16:18:41Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
3 User:Amortias/Admin Dashboard Amortias 2016-03-02T20:30:59Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
4 User:Ben MacDui/Admin Toolbox Ben MacDui 2010-07-05T19:11:58Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
5 User:Biblioworm/Toolbox Biblioworm 2015-11-08T16:18:08Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
6 User:Billinghurst/admin Billinghurst 2009-09-05T14:07:52Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
7 User:Bradv/Dashboard Bradv 2008-12-28T19:12:24Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
8 User:Calmer Waters Calmer Waters 2012-06-18T02:58:03Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
9 User:Catfish Jim and the soapdish/dashboard Catfish Jim and the soapdish 2012-01-12T15:27:11Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
10 User:Ceyockey/Admin Dashboard Ceyockey 2008-08-24T15:33:38Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
11 User:Darkwind/dashboard Darkwind 2013-10-18T20:32:06Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
12 User:Deor/Admin dashboard Deor 2015-06-04T20:49:36Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
13 User:Djsasso/tools Djsasso 2013-05-14T15:45:52Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
14 User:DoRD/adb DoRD 2014-06-24T16:34:18Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
15 User:Efe/Toolbox Efe 2008-11-20T03:24:41Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
16 User:Elen of the Roads/dashboard Elen of the Roads 2010-12-03T16:12:40Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
17 User:Fabrictramp/Dashboard Fabrictramp 2009-03-18T18:38:08Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
18 User:Faizan/Toolbox Faizan 2015-02-01T12:22:57Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
19 User:Frank/dashboard Frank 2008-07-03T18:11:22Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
20 User:Fumitol/Dashboard Fumitol 2010-05-05T04:00:56Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
21 User:GB fan/Dashboard GB fan 2016-03-01T11:20:02Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
22 User:General Ization/Dashboard General Ization 2015-07-11T00:29:47Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
23 User:Hiberniantears/Dashboard Hiberniantears 2009-10-05T02:12:25Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
24 User:JaGa/Toolbox JaGa 2011-12-20T01:00:44Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
25 User:J.delanoy/dashboard Jusdafax 2009-10-10T22:56:54Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
26 User:Kanonkas/Sandbox EoRdE6 2015-03-17T18:38:10Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
27 User:Kudpung/Dashboard Kudpung 2016-03-26T07:10:08Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
28 User:L'Aquatique/dashboard L'Aquatique 2008-12-03T22:18:06Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
29 User:Lid/templates Lid 2008-08-25T07:11:59Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
30 User:Mediran/Dashboard Mediran (alt) 2015-05-10T08:44:33Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
31 User:MelanieN/links MelanieN 2015-01-21T16:02:45Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
32 User:Michig/dash Michig 2012-09-29T18:34:26Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
33 User:Mikeblas/dashboard Mikeblas 2008-07-09T17:00:28Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
34 User:MisterGugaruz/Dashboard MisterGugaruz 2012-04-21T19:34:21Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
35 User:Mojoworker Mojoworker 2016-03-10T20:45:06Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
36 User:Nobletripe/Dashboard Nobletripe 2012-03-13T10:34:50Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
37 User:NuclearWarfare/admindash NuclearWarfare 2009-08-28T22:45:54Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
38 User:Ocaasi/dashboard Ocaasi 2012-02-24T11:58:54Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
39 User:Ocaasi Ocaasi 2016-02-04T19:06:05Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
40 User:Olowe2011/Administration Area Olowe2011 2012-10-28T16:06:46Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
41 User:Paul Erik/dashboard Paul Erik 2008-08-18T17:46:25Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
42 User:Peridon/links Peridon 2015-03-15T14:27:08Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
43 User:Phantomsteve/Admin-stuff Phantomsteve 2010-08-09T15:31:44Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
44 User:Pigman/Admin toolbox2 Pigman 2010-04-19T02:57:46Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
45 User:Pratyya Ghosh/Dashboard MBisanz 2013-05-20T02:25:23Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
46 User:Ron Ritzman/Dash Ron Ritzman 2011-01-21T04:07:06Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
47 User:Ruhrfisch/Resources Ruhrfisch 2013-02-17T00:11:09Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
48 User:SarekOfVulcan/Dashboard SarekOfVulcan 2009-02-23T22:46:55Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
49 User:Scott/Utilities/Administration Scott 2014-03-02T12:56:53Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
50 User:SilkTork/Dashboard SilkTork 2014-02-14T14:11:18Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
51 User:Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington/Desk Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington 2012-02-09T11:37:25Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
52 User:Spartaz/Desk Spartaz 2011-07-25T19:48:51Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
53 User:SpikeToronto/Admin Prep SpikeToronto 2010-11-06T18:41:49Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
54 User:Swarm/Dashboard Swarm 2011-10-19T05:32:40Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
55 User:TexasAndroid TexasAndroid 2015-07-16T13:24:55Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
56 User:Titodutta/Admin dashboard Titodutta 2015-01-23T11:41:34Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
57 User:Tommyjb/Admin Dashboard Tommyjb 2011-06-23T17:58:37Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
58 User:Toon05/Dash Toon05 2009-08-31T17:13:42Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
59 User:TParis/Dashboard TParis 2011-08-27T00:53:53Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
60 User:Uncle Milty/dashboard Uncle Milty 2015-12-26T21:44:57Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
61 User:Valfontis/Dashboard Valfontis 2012-02-09T23:42:54Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
62 User:Valley2city/admintools Valley2city 2010-02-03T18:43:29Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
63 User:WereSpielChequers/dashboard WereSpielChequers 2009-05-06T16:13:28Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
64 User:Willking1979/Admin info Willking1979 2009-09-15T09:42:38Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
65 User:Zink Dawg/DashBoard Zink Dawg 2009-11-24T20:46:26Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg


page last modif date comment status
List of Pokémon Adventures chapters WereSpielChequers 2016-03-28T20:14:55Z  Done
User:Casliber Casliber 2016-03-10T12:35:41Z  Done
Talk:List of tallest structures in Italy 2016-04-01T14:07:53Z  Done
Talk:List of tallest structures in Poland 2016-04-05T13:33:20Z  Done
Talk:List of tallest structures in the United Kingdom 2016-04-05T23:47:03Z  Done
Argentina national football team Oupals 2016-04-07T17:36:46Z  Done
Brazil national football team SuperJew 2016-04-07T18:36:09Z  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Organizations/New articles Tedder 2011-05-17T04:06:47Z robotic oflow  Done
User:AlexNewArtBot/AssociationFootballSearchResult InceptionBot 2016-04-26T19:41:34Z  Done
User:AlexNewArtBot/OrganizationsSearchResult InceptionBot 2016-04-27T01:16:18Z  Done
User talk:Aude/Archive6 SmackBot 2010-10-13T15:16:02Z  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada/New articles Moxy 2011-01-30T23:05:18Z NewArtRobot  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Asia AnomieBOT 2016-04-25T16:37:43Z NewArtRobot  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Football/New articles ArsenalFan700 2016-04-27T06:55:47Z NewArtRobot  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Lithuania JL-Bot 2016-04-09T19:05:52Z  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Malaysia Chipmunkdavis 2016-03-03T03:27:51Z  Done
Wikipedia:WikiProject Poland JL-Bot 2016-04-23T00:38:44Z  Done
User:Thane/Archive 1 Pldx1 2016-02-23T10:31:42Z  Done


page last modif date comment status
Module:Syrian Civil War map Jackmcbarn 2014-12-10T02:17:27Z Nota bene*
Template:Medway watermills diagram Pldx1 2016-03-22T16:49:14Z BS-map / routemap Sent Yes
User:Nathan A RF/sandbox Nathan A RF 2016-03-11T23:13:31Z Sent Yes
User:EncMstr/List of Oregon GNIS features EncMstr 2016-02-23T15:48:15Z
User:Valmir144/sandbox Valmir144 2016-03-07T16:08:51Z Sent Yes
Wikipedia:Copyright problems Justlettersandnumbers 2016-03-09T22:49:08Z yellow tickY Half done
User:Foeba Airashi Foeba Airashi 2016-03-11T23:26:46Z sandbox ? Sent Yes
User:Pancho507 Pancho507 2016-03-12T17:23:49Z many ubox Sent Yes +
User:Amortias/Admin Dashboard Amortias 2016-03-02T20:30:59Z Sent Yes
User:Excirial/Dashboard Excirial 2014-02-06T20:57:25Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:Mentifisto/Sandbox Mentifisto 2015-09-09T16:18:05Z
User:Thorncrag/Dashboard Thorncrag 2012-06-02T17:47:43Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
User:Winhunter 2015-03-19T00:59:40Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:Xymmax Xymmax 2015-09-20T02:04:49Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:Jake Wartenberg/notes Jake Wartenberg 2009-12-27T02:51:26Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:K6ka/Dashboard K6ka 2015-11-17T21:54:16Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:Keeper76/dashboard Xeno 2008-08-03T20:40:04Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:Shirt58/dashboard Shirt58 2013-03-29T09:57:55Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg Sent Yes
User:Diannaa/Dashboard Diannaa 2015-03-25T00:12:52Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
User:DoriSmith/ActionList John of Reading 2015-07-01T06:29:36Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
User:GraemeL/Dashboard GraemeL 2013-10-27T16:27:44Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
User:Rjd0060 Rjd0060 2012-11-08T23:33:54Z
Template:Admin dashboard MusikAnimal 2015-07-13T22:42:01Z
User:Drbogdan/sandbox-templates Drbogdan 2016-04-05T22:21:43Z Sent Yes
User:AlexNewArtBot/NRHPSearchResult InceptionBot 2016-04-06T20:43:47Z
User:Mikutajohn/sandbox Mikutajohn 2016-04-07T03:28:34Z
User:Derekbridges/sandbox/USCutterTemplates Derekbridges 2016-04-08T21:18:10Z
Help:Citation Style 1/mass test/cite web ref Obsuser 2016-02-29T12:11:17Z citometer  Done
List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements, 2016 Bgwhite 2016-04-27T06:46:45Z
List of Pokémon episodes (seasons 1-13) Sage of the Six Paths 2016-04-25T03:52:41Z wrong move  Done
Template:Latin alphabet/testcases diacritics DePiep 2016-02-21T21:22:04Z
Template:Latin alphabet/testcases letters DePiep 2016-02-21T21:23:14Z
Template:Rail-interchange/doc Useddenim 2016-02-14T13:12:40Z
User:Bejinhan/WPMYdraft BattyBot 2012-04-02T03:09:19Z
User:Mikutajohn/sandbox Mikutajohn 2016-04-21T02:53:20Z
User:Nathan A RF/sandbox Nathan A RF 2016-04-23T12:18:56Z
User:Pancho507 Pancho507 2016-04-26T02:13:23Z
User:Secret Agent Julio/Sandbox/85 Secret Agent Julio (alt) 2016-04-14T14:33:36Z
User:Simon Burchell/citations Simon Burchell 2013-11-26T10:57:20Z
List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements, 2016 PotvinSux 2016-04-28T04:33:03Z
List of Pokémon episodes (seasons 1-13) 2016-04-28T06:24:30Z
User:GoldRingChip/sandbox3 GoldRingChip 2015-10-30T15:56:41Z Sent Yes
User:Thorncrag/Dashboard Thorncrag 2012-06-02T17:47:43Z
User:Valmir144/sandbox Valmir144 2016-04-28T05:28:30Z
Wikipedia:WikiProject Wales LavaBaron 2016-04-16T20:32:42Z  Done
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admin dashboard solved

page last modif date why status
User:Jarry1250/Dashboard Jarry1250 2009-06-25T13:20:32Z  Done
User:Qed237/sandbox4 Qed237 2016-04-04T15:11:30Z  Done
User:CorbieVreccan/Admin Toolbox Meteor sandwich yum 2014-06-02T04:46:33Z  Done
User:Oshwah/Dashboard Oshwah 2015-12-17T06:38:15Z  Done
User:TFOWR/Dashboard TFOWR 2010-10-13T09:19:50Z  Done
User:Thingg/dashboard Thingg 2013-11-08T20:49:15Z  Done
User:Liz/Admin dashboard Liz 2015-08-16T22:52:40Z  Done
User:GlassCobra MarnetteD 2015-12-30T22:30:01Z  Done
User:Sarahj2107/Dashboard Sarahj2107 2014-12-06T16:42:44Z  Done
User:Sonia/dashboard Pldx1 2016-02-26T15:34:54Z  Done
User:Bellerophon/Tools Bellerophon 2015-02-02T23:47:49Z  Done
User:CatcherStorm/panel CatcherStorm 2015-12-28T10:50:12Z tl-> link  Done
User:DangerousPanda/toolbox Xeno 2014-01-15T20:08:56Z  Done
User:Doug Weller/Admin Dashboard Xeno 2015-05-25T11:54:34Z  Done
User:Human3015 Human3015 2016-02-15T18:46:44Z subpage ?  Done
User:Levonscott/Admin Dashboard Tbhotch 2011-09-13T01:11:19Z  Done
User:Pigman/Admin toolbox Meteor sandwich yum 2014-04-20T06:04:12Z  Done
User:Nolelover Nolelover 2016-02-01T21:30:26Z  Done
User:Technical 13/dashboard Technical 13 2014-06-13T18:24:44Z  Done
User:OlEnglish/Dashboard OlEnglish 2016-01-05T05:23:21Z  Done
User:Gazimoff/Bookmarks Frietjes 2015-03-31T15:19:37Z  Done
User:FlyingKiwi/Dash Xeno 2010-10-13T13:08:05Z  Done
User:Relyimah/Dashboard Xeno 2008-06-20T01:47:09Z  Done
User:Lazulilasher/toolbox Avicennasis 2010-06-17T17:30:30Z  Done
User:Newsaholic 2010-11-15T04:26:55Z  Done
User:Sacspe16 Sacspe16 2010-02-05T17:16:58Z  Done
User:Coffee/Userpage Coffee 2016-03-24T09:22:21Z  Done
User:Coffee/Userpage/admin dashboard Coffee 2015-04-22T21:47:42Z Artículo bueno-blue.svg
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