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This category is for varieties of Servants (albeit often very grand ones), assistants, followers, attendees at the social and domestic Court of a Monarch or other Great Personage. It is not appropriate for titles of officers in a Court of Law (i.e. not used for Judge, Clerk, Recorder etc.)

This Court Titles category is designed to list Offices and other Titles that signify Service to a royal or aristocratic court:

  • either which are held by serving courtiers in a royal, aristocratic, ecclesiastical, military or other household styled a Court
  • or which are held by honorary courtiers, the function of whose nominal role has ceased to exist, but who play ceremonial, occasional or honorary roles, always of a technically subservient nature, within a Court.

It may also accommodate related terms, notably of a more generic nature, which are rather ranks. Some are linked to ennoblement.

Titles of 'Monarchy, Royalty, Aristocracy or Nobility', including those such as Khan, Maharaja, do not belong in this category.

As some titles would otherwise only constitute small stubs, they can be treated in (sub)sections of pages dealing with a major title (such as a title from which other styles are derived and/or with which they are compounded) or a more general term, and may therefore not be listed separately here.


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