Caritas (Angel)

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Angel location
Created by Joss Whedon
David Greenwalt
Genre Supernatural, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Dramedy
Type Karaoke bar
Notable characters Lorne

Caritas is a fictional demon-friendly karaoke bar in the U.S. television series Angel. Caritas makes its first appearance in season two's "Judgment" episode, and its final appearance in season three's "Lullaby".


Caritas (meaning Charity (virtue) in Latin) is a karaoke bar owned and operated by Lorne, and empath demon, in a fictionalized depiction of Los Angeles in Angel. Caritas is a sanctuary, where humans, demons, and vampires alike can enter peacefully. Violence is prohibited by means of a spell cast on the location by the Furies so that no supernatural creature can commit acts of violence inside of it. Lorne has an ability to see into a singer's soul and direct them to their path laid out by the Powers That Be, leading patrons to the establishment for advise.

Caritas is later destroyed in That Old Gang of Mine by members of Gunn's previous vampire fighting crew who do not share his new perspective. Humans were able to bypass the protections which only prevented supernatural violence.

In "Offspring", Caritas is rebuilt, with the spell updated so that neither humans nor demons are able to commit acts of violence. However, Daniel Holtz finds a loophole in this spell by tossing a barrel of gasoline and a grenade down the stairs and into the bar, destroying it once more. Lorne closes it down permanently, and moves into the Hyperion Hotel.

Caritas was built on the location where Lorne first arrived on Earth from the Pylean dimension.

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