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Cape Malabata Lighthouse

Cape Malabata (French: Cap Malabata; Spanish: Punta Malabata; Arabic: رأس ملباطا‎, Ras Malabata, or Rās al-Manār,[1] "Lighthouse Cape") is a cape located about 6 miles (10 km) east of central Tangier, Morocco, facing the Strait of Gibraltar.[2] The cape features a lighthouse and a medieval-style castle that was built in early 20th century.


In 2003, a Strait of Gibraltar crossing was proposed that would have linked Cape Malabata to Punta Paloma in Spain.[3][4] Years of studies have, however, made no real progress thus far.[5]

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Coordinates: 35°49′N 5°44.9′W / 35.817°N 5.7483°W / 35.817; -5.7483

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