Cao Yong (Three Kingdoms)

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Cao Yong
Prince of Handan (邯鄲王)
Tenure 225 – 229
Successor Cao Wen
Prince of Chen (陳王)
Tenure 223 – 225
Prince of Huainan (淮南王)
Tenure 222 – 223
Duke of Huainan (淮南公)
Tenure 221 – 222
Born Unknown
Died 229
Full name
Family name: Cao (曹)
Given name: Yong (邕)
Posthumous name
Prince Huai (懷王)
House House of Cao
Father Cao Pi
Mother Consort Su

Cao Yong (died 229) was a prince in the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was a son of Cao Pi, the first emperor of Wei. His mother, Consort Su (蘇姬), was a concubine of Cao Pi.[1] He was enfeoffed as the Duke of Huainan (淮南公) in 221, with his dukedom in Jiujiang Commandery (九江郡). In 222, he was elevated to the status of Prince of Huainan (淮南王). A year later, his title was changed to Prince of Chen (陳王). In 225, his title was changed again to Prince of Handan (邯鄲王). He died in 229 during the reign of his half-brother Cao Rui.[2]

In 231, Cao Rui designated Cao Wen (曹溫), a son of Cao Kai (曹楷) and grandson of Cao Zhang, as Cao Yong's heir; Cao Wen thus became the new Prince of Handan. In 232, Cao Wen's title was changed to Prince of Luyang (魯陽王). Throughout the reigns of the subsequent Wei emperors, the number of taxable households in Cao Wen's princedom increased until it reached 4,400.[3]

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