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As of 2011, Gabon contains 152 Cantons, 52 Communes, 29 Arrondissements, and 26 Districts.[1] These are the third-level administrative units of Gabon and between them make up the units of the Departments of Gabon.[2] Arrondissements tend to be units of major cities such as Libreville and communes are generally seated in the main cities and towns and incorporating the surrounding rural area. The cantons of Gabon are largely rural in nature with a small town or large village as the main centre.

Estuaire Province

Commune of Libreville

Komo (Kango)

Komo-Mondah (Ntoum)

Noya (Cocobeach)

Haut-Ogooué Province

Commune of Franceville

Bayi-Brikolo (Aboumi)

Djoue (Onga)

Djououri-Aguilli (Bongoville)

Lékabi-Léwolo (Ngouoni)

Lekoni-Lekori (Akieni)

Lekoko (Bakoumba)

Leboumbi-Leyou (Moanda)

Mpassa (Franceville)

Ogooué-Létili (Boumango)

Plateaux (Leconi)

Sebe-Brikolo (Okondja)

Moyen-Ogooué Province

Abanga-Bigne (Ndjole)

Ogooue et des Lacs (Lambaréné)

Ngounié Province

Boumi-Louetsi (Mbigou)

Dola (Ndende)

Douya-Onoy (Mouila)

Louetsi-Bibaka (Malinga)

Louetsi-Wano (Lebamba)

Mougalaba (Guiétsou)

Ndolou (Mandji)

Ogoulou (Mimongo)

Tsamba-Magotsi (Fougamou)

Nyanga Province

Basse-Banio (Mayumba)

Douigni (Moabi)

Doutsila (Mabanda)

Haute-Banio (Ndindi)

Mongo (Moulèngui-Binza)

Mougoutsi (Tchibanga)

Ogooué-Ivindo Province

Ivindo (Makokou)

Lope (Booue)

Mvoung (Ovan)

Zadie (Mekambo)

Ogooué-Lolo Province

Lolo-Bouenguidi (Koulamoutou)

Lombo-Bouenguidi (Pana)

Mouloundou (Lastoursville)

Offoué-Onoye (Iboundji)

Ogooué-Maritime Province

Bendje (Port-Gentil)

Etimboue (Omboue)

Ndougou (Gamba)

Woleu-Ntem Province

Haut-Komo (Medouneu)

Haut-Ntem (Minvoul)

Ntem (Bitam)

Okano (Mitzic)

Woleu (Oyem)


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