Canavalia gladiata

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"Sword Bean" and variants redirect here. This term is also used for other legumes, notably the Common Jack-bean.

Sword bean
Canavalia gladiata2.jpg
Scientific classification
C. gladiata
Binomial name
Canavalia gladiata

Canavalia gladiata, usually called sword bean, is a domesticated plant species in the legume (Fabaceae) family. The legume is a used as a vegetable in interiors of central and south central India, though not commercially farmed. In Telugu it is called chamma kaya also called Tammi kaya. In Tamil it is called valavaraik-kay or valavaran-gai which means, the vegetable that looks like a sword. In Khmer, it is called sânndaèk triës (សណ្តែកទ្រៀស).[1] The fruits are eaten as a vegetable in Africa and Asia.[2]


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