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Campaign Against Antisemitism

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Campaign Against Antisemitism
Campaign Against Antisemitism logo
Motto Justice, justice you shall pursue
Formation August 2014
Registration no. 1163790
Headquarters London, UK
Region served
United Kingdom
Gideon Falter

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) is a United Kingdom non-governmental organisation established in August 2014 by members of the Anglo-Jewish community.[1][2][3] It was registered as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) on 1 October 2015.[4]


The CAA was set up in early August 2014, after an increase in antisemitic incidents that accompanied the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict.[5][6]

A grassroots campaign, it grew largely out of social media activity among those who felt more should be done to promote the Jewish community's concerns after a meeting to discuss responses where a campaigner had her concerns dismissed by Board of Deputies president Vivian Wineman.[7]



CAA publishes primary and secondary research based on polling and freedom of information requests.

Crime and Prosecution

CAA's National Antisemitic Crime Audit collects and analyses antisemitic crime data from all police forces in the UK. CAA uses the report to assess trends in antisemitic crime and to make recommendations to the British government.[8][9]

Rallies and petitions

Their first success was against the Tricycle Theatre in London which, in 2014, had banned the UK Jewish Film Festival due to the situation in Israel/Palestine, and funding from parties involved with the conflict. [10] In May 2015 the Tricycle Theatre's chair, Jonathan Levy, issued an apology in The Jewish Chronicle, saying that the theatre had taken the wrong decision.[11]

In August 2018, CAA organised a demonstration outside Labour's headquarters to protest against the handling of antisemitism in the UK Labour Party, and to condemn Jeremy Corbyn.[12]

Also in August 2018 the organisation launched a petition titled "Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and must go",[13] the petition featuring a Labour slogan modified to read "For the many not the Jew", was signed by over 30,000 by 30 August 2018.[14] A counter petition against the CAA with the title "To Get the Charity Commission to Deregister the Zionist Campaign Against Anti-Semitism" was signed by almost 7,500 and sent to the Charity Commission, which said in response that it was "assessing concerns raised about the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s campaigning activities".[15]


Judicial review

CAA has used the process of judicial review to scrutinise and reverse decisions made by the British government and authorities. In March 2017, CAA forced the CPS to quash a decision not to prosecute an alleged far-right leader over a speech in which he issued a call to "free England from Jewish control".[16][17][18]

Private prosecutions

CAA brought a successful[19][20] private prosecution against a holocaust denier who released three YouTube videos of self-written antisemitic songs characterising Auschwitz as a "theme park" and the Holocaust as the "Holohoax".[21][22][23][24]

In July 2018, Gilad Atzmon was forced to apologise to Gideon Falter, the chairman of the CAA, over a libel. Atzmon had falsely alleged that Falter had personally profited from fabricating antisemitic incidents. He will be ordered to pay legal costs and damages.[25][26]

In December 2017 the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute a Islamic Human Rights Commission director who was one of the organisers of a Quds Day rally, who, during the rally, allegedly stated that Zionists were responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire, called for Israel's destruction, and that he was fed up with Zionists, their rabbis, synagogues, and supporters. The CAA attempted to begin a private prosecution for inciting racial or religious hatred, however this was blocked by the CPS, as they had determined there was no "realistic prospect of conviction".[27][28][29]


The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, has praised CAA for its work to ensure that the law against antisemitism is enforced with zero tolerance.[30][original research?]


In noting the formation of CAA, the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism wrote in 2015 that

We were somewhat disappointed to note that not all of the messages from that group have been in line with CST’s stated approach of seeking to avoid undue panic and alarm. We encourage Jewish communal leaders and others when speaking on antisemitism to follow CST’s example and to be reassuring and responsible in their language, taking into account the activity which as we have outlined had been undertaken before the summer and during it. So too, it is important that the leadership do not conflate concerns about activity legitimately protesting Israel’s actions with antisemitism, as we have seen has been the case on some occasions.[31]

In January 2015, the Institute for Jewish Policy Research said that a CAA survey about antisemitism was "littered with flaws", and "may even be rather irresponsible".[32]

After criticism of Baroness Chakrabarti over her report into antisemitism within the Labour Party, a group of British Jews wrote to The Guardian newspaper disassociating themselves from the CAA which were described as "pro-Israel lobbyists".[33][original research?]

In February 2017, a letter to The Guardian signed by 250 academics claimed that the CAA cites the Working Definition of Antisemitism in asking its supporters to "record, film, photograph and get witness evidence" about Israeli Apartheid Week events; and the CAA "will help you to take it up with the university, students' union or even the police." The signatories believe "These are outrageous interferences with free expression, and are direct attacks on academic freedom....It is with disbelief that we witness explicit political interference in university affairs in the interests of Israel under the thin disguise of concern about antisemitism".[34][original research?]


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