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Calymmian Period
1600–1400 million years ago

Events of the Calymmian
-1600 —
-1580 —
-1560 —
-1540 —
-1520 —
-1500 —
-1480 —
-1460 —
-1440 —
-1420 —
-1400 —
Breakup of the supercontinent Columbia
Events of the Stenian Period.
Axis scale: millions of years ago.

The Calymmian Period (from Greek κάλυμμα (kálymma), meaning "cover") is the first geologic period in the Mesoproterozoic Era and lasted from 1600 Mya to 1400 Mya (million years ago). Instead of being based on stratigraphy, these dates are defined chronometrically.

The period is characterised by expansion of existing platform covers, or by new platforms on recently cratonized basements.

The supercontinent Columbia started to break during the Calymmian some 1500 Mya.

See also

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