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Lyng's Cabinet governed Norway between 28 August 1963 and 25 September 1963. It was the first in 28 years not to be led by the Norwegian Labour Party. It was a centre-right coalition government of the Conservative Party, Centre Party, Christian Democratic Party and Liberal Party led by John Lyng of the Conservative Party. It had fifteen members, of which five were from the Conservative Party, four were from the Centre Party, three were from the Christian Democratic Party and three were from the Liberal Party. Karen Grønn-Hagen was the cabinet's only female member.

After the Socialist People's Party joined a no-confidence vote against Einar Gerhardsen's government, Lyng realised that between them, the non-Labour parties were only one seat short of a majority in the Storting. He quickly got the non-Labour parties to form a coalition government, which took office on 28 August after the SF abstained. The SF, however, threw its support back to Gerhardsen a month later, allowing Labour to return to power. Nonetheless, the brief Lyng government proved that the non-Labour parties were capable of governing after three decades of Labour rule.

Cabinet members

Portfolio Minister Period[1] Party
Prime Minister John Lyng Conservative
Minister of Foreign Affairs Erling Wikborg Christian Democratic
Minister of Defence Håkon Kyllingmark Conservative
Minister of Industry Kaare Meland Conservative
Minister of Finance and Customs Dagfinn Vårvik Centre
Minister of Wages and Prices Ole Myrvoll Liberal
Minister of Local Government and Labour Bjarne Lyngstad Liberal
Minister of Social Affairs Kjell Bondevik Christian Democratic
Minister of Transport and Communications Lars Leiro Centre
Minister of Trade and Shipping Kåre Willoch Conservative
Minister of Fisheries Onar Onarheim Conservative
Minister of Agriculture Hans Borgen Centre
Minister of Justice and Police Petter Mørch Koren Christian Democratic
Minister of Family and Consumer Affairs Karen Grønn-Hagen Centre
Minister of Church Affairs and Education Olaf Erling Kortner Liberal

State Secretaries

Ministry State Secretary Period[1] Party
Office of the Prime Minister Ivar Johansen Conservative
Paul Thyness Conservative
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tomas Torsvik Christian Democratic
Ministry of Defence Arne Gunnar Lund Conservative
Ministry of Industry Torkild Wilhelm Schøyen Conservative
Ministry of Social Affairs Odd Steinar Holøs Christian Democratic
Ministry of Transport and Communications Bjørn Unneberg Centre
Ministry of Agriculture Teddy Dyring Centre
Ministry of Church Affairs and Education Magne Lerheim Liberal


  • John Lyngs regjering 1963 -


  1. ^ a b Unless otherwise noted, the period was 28 August 1963 – 25 September 1963

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