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Jewel 92.png
City Brantford, Ontario
Branding Jewel 92
Slogan Today's Lite Hits and Yesterday's Favourites
Format Soft adult contemporary
ERP 80 kW
HAAT 230 meters (750 ft)
Class C1
Callsign meaning CK Preston, Canada
Owner Evanov Radio Group
Sister stations CKPC (AM)
Webcast Listen live
Website Jewel 92

CKPC-FM is a Canadian radio station broadcasting at 92.1 FM from 571 West Street in Brantford, Ontario. The station is one of a chain of eight Jewel branded stations and has been owned since 2009 by the Evanov Radio Group.[1]

"Jewel 92" broadcasts a Soft AC music format, billed as "Today's Lite Hits and Yesterday's Favourites",[2] with some oldies and a mix of "contemporary songs by today's artists" and "the greatest songs from the last 40 years". In the evening, from 7pm to 11pm, the station broadcasts an adult standards program known as The Lounge, hosted by one of several on-air personalities from Jewel stations, playing "Music With Style", often with content from the Great American Songbook. From 11pm to midnight, the station airs instrumental beautiful music pieces under the branding The Instrumental Concert Series.

The station's signal is strong, reaching much of the population of Southern and Southwestern Ontario, though not much of east Toronto, which is covered by another station under the same brand, Jewel 88.5. Jewel 92 specifically targets residents near its Brantford, Ontario location: Hamilton, Ontario, Burlington, Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario with relevant news, traffic reports and regional advertising.[3]

Competing radio stations more specifically target young adults with a more edgy mix of music than played by Jewel 92. These include CHYM-FM 96.7 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Ontario's K-LITE CKLH-FM and St. Catharines, Ontario's EZRock I HeartRadio CHRE-FM.

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  • 1933 - Cyrus Dolph begins to operate an AM radio station in Preston (Cambridge, Ontario), purchased from Wallace Russ, after it had operated as amateur ham radio since 1923[4]
  • 1934 - CKPC (AM) moves to 930 kHz on the AM dial, moving to 1380 kHz in 1935
  • 1936 - Power increases to 100 watts; now operating as Telephone City Broadcast Ltd.
  • 1947 - CKPC-AM applies for an FM licence
  • 1949 - CKPC-FM begins broadcasting at 94.7 FM at 250 watts, simulcasting CKPC (AM).
  • 1951 - Florence Dolph Buchanan, among the first women in broadcasting (and the first woman in Canada to own/operate a radio station), takes full control of the station, now with a 1,000 watt signal, from her father Cyrus
  • 1955 - Frequency moves to 92.1 FM; slogan for both AM and FM stations is "The Established Voice of Industrial Ontario"[5]
  • 1959 - Signal increases to 10,000 watts
  • 1962 - FM station introduces some original programming, independent of CKPC-AM
  • 1971 - FM Station become completely independent, with all original programming
  • 1972 - Richard Buchanan purchases Telephone City Broadcast Ltd. from his mother
  • 1976 - Signal increases to 50,000 watts
  • 2008 - Signal increases to 80,000 watts;[6]
  • 2008 - Richard Buchanan July 29 loses battle with cancer[7]
  • 2009 - Telephone City Broadcast Limited is purchased by Evanov Communications[8]
  • 2009 - Station name changed from "FM 92.1" to "The New 92"; format moves from hot adult contemporary to adult contemporary [9]
  • 2010 - Station rebrands as The Jewel or Jewel 92, playing adult contemporary music and oldies

On-air personalities

The station has a series of regulars, including Ed McMahon (5:30-10am), Dave Creelman (10am-3pm), and Kent Chambers (3-7pm). On weekends, part-time personalities take over, including Bob Murray, Richard Huskisson and Suzanne Joyce. All present an adult contemporary variety of music, from artists such as Elton John, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, The Eagles, Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, Lady Antebellum, Adele and Michael Bublé.[10] A popular feature, the daily Lunchtime Trivia, runs from noon until the trivia question is successfully answered by a listener or time runs out at 1 pm.[11] News and traffic reports are provided from early morning to 6pm.

The Lounge Program, seven evenings per week from 7 to 11pm, is hosted by a rotating series of personalities from the various Jewel Radio stations, including Ed McMahon from Jewel 92.[12] Overnight, the station plays music without an on-air personality.

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