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Type anti-ship, and air to surface cruise missile
Place of origin China
Service history
Used by China
Production history
Manufacturer China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation[1]
Weight 1.85 t (ship launched)[2]
1.5 t (air-launched)[2]
Length 6.5 m (ship launched)[2]
7.5 m (air-launched)[2]
Diameter 0.54 m[2]
Warhead 300 kg warhead[3]

Engine Ramjet[2]
Wingspan 1.62 m[2]
Propellant Kerosene[2]
50 km[4]
Flight altitude 50 m (cruising)[2]
5 m (terminal)[2]
Speed Mach 2[2]
Air, surface

The C-101 is a Chinese supersonic anti-ship cruise missile.[6] It is manufactured by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Third Academy.[1]

The C-101 was an early Chinese supersonic cruise missile. It has been described as unsuccessful.[6][7]

The People's Liberation Army Navy designation is YJ-1 (Chinese: 鹰击-1; pinyin: yingji-1; literally: "eagle strike 1").[6][7]


The C-101 is launched with solid-fuel rocket boosters to a speed of Mach 1.8[8]. Two ramjets sustain a cruise and impact speed of Mach 2.[9] At three kilometers from the target, the missile descends from a cruise altitude of 50 meters[10] to 5 meters[11].


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