Bushmanland (South West Africa)

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Republic of Bushmanland
Republiek van Boesmanland
Republik Buschmannland
Flag of Bushmanland
Location of Bushmanland (green) within South West Africa (grey).
Location of Bushmanland (green) within South West Africa (grey).
Map of the bantustan.
Map of the bantustan.
Status Bantustan
Capital Tsumkwe (Tjumǃkui)
Common languages Khoisan
• Self-government
• Re-integrated into Namibia
May 1989
Currency South African rand
Preceded by
Succeeded by
South West Africa

Bushmanland (Afrikaans: Boesmanland) was a bantustan in South West Africa (present-day Namibia), intended by the apartheid government to be a self-governing homeland for the San people (the Bushmen). Despite this, a government was not established in the region.

Bushmanland, like other homelands in South West Africa, was abolished in May 1989 at the start of the transition to independence.

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Coordinates: 19°35′S 20°31′E / 19.583°S 20.517°E / -19.583; 20.517

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