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Saint Burchard of Meissen (d. 25 September 969[1]) was the first Bishop of Meissen, from 968.[2]

Archbishop Adalbert of Magdeburg consecrated him in Magdeburg as the first Bishop of Meissen, where he established the first cathedral chapter of Meissen.[2]

The only documented facts about him are his name, the details of his consecration and the date of his death.[2][3] In the absence of facts a traditional account of his death developed, to the effect that he died on 14 June in either 970 or 972 from a fall from his horse, but this is not supported by any evidence.[2]

He is sometimes said[4] to have been a Benedictine monk from St. Emmeram's Abbey, Regensburg, or St. John's Abbey, Magdeburg (Kloster Berge), but there is no documented evidence of this either.

He is venerated as a saint; his feast day is 14 June.[5]

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