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Brihans Natural Products Ltd.
Industry Natural Products
Founded 20 April 2000; 18 years ago (20 April 2000)
Founder Mandar Agashe
Headquarters Shaniwar Peth, Pune, India
Area served
India, Réunion, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE[1]
Key people
Sheetal Agashe (Managing Director)[2]
Products skincare products, hair care products, healthcare products, ayurvedic products
Number of employees

Brihans Natural Products Ltd. is an Indian natural products company based in Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India.[4][1] The company manufactures skincare, haircare and healthcare products.[1][5] The company is a sister company of the Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate.[6][7]


Brihans Natural Products was founded on 20 April in the year 2000 by businessman-musician Mandar Agashe.[8][9][10] Since 2005 it has been headed by his sister, Sheetal Agashe,[11][12][13] daughter of the late business magnate Dnyaneshwar Agashe.[3][14][15]

The company has been engaged in formulating, manufacturing and supplying of health care, ayurvedic[16][17] and natural skin care and hair care[18] products.[19][1][20][21] The company's signature product, Green Leaf Aloe Vera Gel has met with commendable reviews[22][23] with its 90% active ingredient being aloe vera and having a multipurpose use.[24][25][26] The company also produces oral care products, most notably for mouth ulcers.[27]

In 2001, the company was presented with the 'Udyog Ratna' award by the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi.[6]

In 2006, the company launched aloe vera based health drinks under the brand Brimune.[28][29] That same year, the company launched it's turmeric face wash product line under the Greenleaf[30][31] brand.[32] That same year, the company was awarded the Organic Certification by the Institute of Marketecology (IMO) in Switzerland.[33]

Brihans Natural Products won India's Most Trusted Brand Award 2016 for its brand Greenleaf[34][35][36] in the category of Ayurvedic Skincare Products awarded by the IBC InfoMedia (a division of International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA).[34][25][37]

The company shipped its products across India, Réunion, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Oman, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore until 2013.[8] As of 2016, it ships across India but also ships products to Malaysia and the UAE.[1]

In 2017, Business Insider reported that according to the "India Aloe Vera Products Market By End Use Application, By Form, By Distribution Channel, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012 – 2022" Report, the company was one of the handful Indian companies manufacturing Aloe Vera products considered as a major manufacturer.[38][39][40] That same year, the company also sponsored fashion designer Vikram Phadnis' directorial debut Hrudayantar.[41]

In April 2018, Sheetal Agashe won Times of India's Pune Visionary award for her contribution to the Ayurvedic skincare industry, as managing director of the company.[42] In July, Agashe won Pune's Most Powerful 2018-19 award by Femina for her position as managing director of the company.[43]

Research and development

The company has been critically acclaimed for making products using cold stabilized aloe vera of the Aloe Barbadensis variety. Using their own organically farmed aloe vera plants to manually fillet out the gel from the rind of the leaf. The company freshly processes the gel within hours of harvesting it at company owned plants. The company has also been praised for better standardization between batches and the use of uncontaminated 90% pure aloe in their products.[44]


In April 2014, the company's advertisement of their product Cleancomb was complained against for being misleading or scientifically inadequate, thus violating the Advertising Standard Council of India's Consumer Complaints Council's code. It was one of 44 health care companies that were complained against.[45] A similar complaint was upheld with the company’s advertisements in December 2017.[46][47]


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