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Bow barracks
Bow barracks on the eve of Christmas

Bow Barracks is a locality in the central Kolkata region. The locality is a small hub of mainly Anglo-Indian population who have lived here for generations.[1] The families living here do not pay any rent for their stay in Bow Barracks as the building is owned by the KIT and they have refused to accept a meagre amount of ₹30 paid as rent throughout the years without any increment in rent by the families for their stay.[2] The government has declared this building ‘unsafe’, dangerous and plans are afoot to build a highrise and other structures in its place.[3]


Bow Barracks is located in central Kolkata — just behind the Bowbazar police station, off the Central Avenue (now Chittaranjan Avenue).

the Christmas tree

The easiest way to get to Bow Barracks irrespective of the distance is to catch an underground train at the Kolkata Metro. Central Avenue and Chandni Chowk are two metro stations that will get you within a 2-minute walk of Bow Barracks.

It is a narrow lane between Hare Street and Bohu Bazaar police station. The place, named Bow Barrack is in central Kolkata, on Central Avenue. The narrow lane is bordered by six blocks of three-storeyed buildings, which look old but hardy. Their red brick color appear a bit shabby. The green windows frame gay curtains that catch the light breeze now and then.

The Bow Barracks was a garrison's mess built for the army during World War I. But there are no written records to prove these facts. When the soldiers left India, they handed over the apartments to the Anglo Indians who took them on rent. Today, 132 families live in the Barracks. Of them, 80 percent of the residents are Anglo Indians. It has acquired a reputation of sorts for its Christmas celebrations.

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