Borujerdi House

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Borujerdi House
Borujerdi House, Kashan.jpg
General information
Architectural style Iranian
Location Kashan, Iran
Coordinates 33°58′29″N 51°26′27″E / 33.9746°N 51.4407°E / 33.9746; 51.4407

The Borujerdi House is a historic house museum in Kashan, Iran. It was built in 1857 by architect Ustad Ali Maryam[1] for the bride of Borujerdi, a wealthy merchant.[2] The bride came from the affluent Tabātabāei family, for whom the architect had built the nearby Tabātabāei House several years earlier.[3][4]


The Borujerdi House consists of the biruni ("exterior", the public area) and andaruni ("interior", the private quarters) features of Iran's traditional residential architecture, including a courtyard with a fountain pool and a two-story iwan (balcony).[2] The main hall is topped by a khishkhan, that is a type of central dome. Three 40-meter-tall windcatchers, two above the main hall and one over the entrance area, are also erected on the house.[5][6] The house is decorated with stucco, glass work, and mirror work, and features frescoes by prominent painter Kamal-ol-Molk.[1][2][7]



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