Bork3D Game Engine

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Bork3D Game Engine
Developer(s) Bork 3D
Stable release
20100408 / April 8, 2010
Operating system iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows,
Type Game engine
License BSD
Website [1]

The Bork3D Game Engine is a C++ game engine developed by Bork 3D LLC for use on mobile device platforms, primarily targeting iPhone and iPad. The engine has a modest user base,[citation needed] and several iOS games have announced their use of it, most notably from Bioroid Studios,[1] Simiula,[2] and Bork 3D itself.

The game engine uses OpenGL and OpenGL ES for rendering, and OpenAL for audio. It was originally sold under a commercial license. Today it is free open source software distributed under a permissive BSD-style license.

Major Features

  • SDK runs on iOS, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Tool pipeline supports Collada, 3dsmax and Maya
  • Integrated web server
  • Data-driven UI system


  • Anytime Golf: Magic Touch : Golf game for iPhone and iPad
  • Monstercraft : An arcade / slot machine game for iPhone and iPad
  • Pixelshift : A puzzle game for iPhone and iPad
  • Quoridor : An adaptation of the board game of the same name for iPhone
  • Toy Stunt Bike: A motorcycle side-scroller for iPhone and iPad
  • Vector Blaster : Tempest clone for iPhone, iPad, PocketPC, Symbian and N-Gage
  • Zombie Outhouse : Arcade shooter for Xbox 360 and iPhone


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