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The Bishop of Cashel and Ossory (Full title: Bishop of Cashel, Waterford and Lismore with Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin) is the Ordinary of the United Diocese of Cashel, Waterford and Lismore with Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin in the Church of Ireland.[1] The diocese is in the ecclesiastical province of Dublin.[2]

Overview and history

When the Church in England broke communion with the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England was established by the state as the established church. Later, by decree of the Irish Parliament, a similar new body became the State Church in the Kingdom of Ireland. It assumed possession of most Church property (and so retained a great repository of religious architecture and other items, though some were later destroyed). The substantial majority of the population remained faithful to the Latin liturgy of Roman Catholicism, despite the political and economic advantages of membership in the state church. The English-speaking minority mostly adhered to the Church of Ireland or to Presbyterianism. In 1833, the two provinces of Dublin and Cashel were merged. Over the centuries, numerous dioceses were merged, in view of declining membership. The same is true for this diocese where it can be seen that each of the entities listed in the title would have been a diocese in its own right. It is for this reason that the united diocese has six cathedrals.

Cathedrals of the united diocese

List of bishops

Bishops of Cashel and Ossory
From Until Ordinary Notes
1977 1980 John Armstrong Bishop of Cashel and Waterford until 1977; translated to Armagh on 25 February 1980.
1980 1997 Noel Willoughby Retired.
1997 2002 John Neill Translated from Tuam, Killala and Achonry. Translated to Dublin and Glendalough.
2002 2006 Peter Barrett Resigned.
2006 present Michael Burrows Previously Dean of Cork.

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