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The Italian Roman Catholic diocese of Bobbio was an Italian bishopric which existed from 1014 until 1986, having been created from Bobbio Abbey until 1923.[1][2]


In the year 1014, the Emperor Henry II, on the occasion of his own coronation in Rome, obtained from Pope Benedict VIII the erection of Bobbio as an episcopal see. Peter Aldus, its first bishop, had been Abbot of Bobbio since 999, and his episcopal successors for a long time lived in the abbey, where many of them had been monks. According to Ferdinando Ughelli and others, Bobbio was made a suffragan see of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Genoa in 1133; but Fedele Savio finds this subordination mentioned for the first time in a Bull of Pope Alexander III, dated 19 April 1161. From time to time disputes arose between the bishop and the monks, and in 1199 Pope Innocent III issued two Bulls, restoring the abbey in spirituals and temporals, and empowering the bishop to depose an abbot if within a certain time he did not obey.

In 1923 it was united with the Territorial Abbey of San Colombano, at Bobbio, from which it originated, with the combined official name diocese of Bobbio-San Colombano. As reorganised in 1986, it became part of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Genova-Bobbio.

In a subsequent change, Bobbio Abbey's 'united title' was transferred, in 1989, to the Metropolitan Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio.[3]

Prominent bishops


Diocese of Bobbio

Erected: 11th Century
Latin Name: Bobiensis
Metropolitan: Archdiocese of Genoa

Diocese of Bobbio (-Abbey of San Colombano)

United: 4 August 1923 with the Territorial Abbey of San Colombano
Metropolitan: Archdiocese of Genoa

  • Matteo Pellegrino (1928–1936 Died)
  • Bernardo Bertoglio (1937–1953 Died)
  • Pietro Zuccarino (1953–1973 Died)

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