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Bifrost is a role-playing game published by Skytrex Ltd. (U.K) in 1982.


Bifrost is a fantasy system, fairly complex and derivative of miniatures.[1] The rules cover character creation, combat (melee, mounted, and aerial), magic, demonology, prayer and divine intervention, disease and illness, travel to other planes, etc.[1]

Publication history

Bifrost was designed by K. White, K. Minear, S. Johnson, and G. Highley, and published by Skytrex Ltd. in 1982 as four books.[1]


Don Turnbull reviewed Faerie, volume 1 of Bifrost, for White Dwarf #7 (June/July 1978).[2] Turnbull noted that the game cannot be played without all three volumes, "a marked disadvantage if the three volumes are not all published at the same time".[2] He felt that the presentation was good, but noted that "such care in presentation was not matched by care in proof-reading - indeed it is easy to believe that there was no proof-reading at all. There are many printer's errors in the text [...] there are too many to list here".[2] He considered the first volume "an impressive production" and concluded that it was a "promising start but the publishers should perhaps have had more confidence in their authors and should have been less slaphappy in the production - there is no excuse at all for such obvious errors".[2]



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