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Region India
Ethnicity Biate
Native speakers
30,000 (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 biu
Glottolog biat1238[2]

Biate is a language spoken in the north-eastern part of India. The speakers of the language are known as Biate and are spread over many parts of North east India viz. Meghalaya, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur and Tripura.[3]

Geographical distribution

Biate is spoken in the following locations (Ethnologue).

Basic vocabulary

Biate language English
Im nerming? What is your name?
Kerming chu Thiangchonsinga My name is Thiangchonsinga
Kilôm (ki-lôm) Thank You
Ni dam im? How are you?
Ki dam I am fine
Tui Water
Phâivua Air
Bu (cooked) rice
Inga(sa) fish (meat)
Ar(sa) chicken(meat)
Voksa pork
Sialsa beef
Kêlsa mutton
Thlâichi vegetable
Dal lentils
Chial(Chi-al) salt
Chithlum(Chi-thlum) sugar
Aroi less
Marcha chilli
Nepeh nôk roh Please give again (serve again).
Anrup enough
Tui nepeh roh Please give water.
Bu nepeh roh Please give food (rice).
An nepeh roh Please give (side dish) vegetable / meat.
Im nang kipek rang? Give what?
Im? What?
Tikinta? When? (past)
Tikinim? When? (future)
Takâm? Where?
Ingkanim? How?
Mangtha. Sleep well. (The equivalent of "Good Night".)
Ingkanim kife rang Mualsei? How do I go to Mualsei?
Izakam a man Epu / Epi? What is the price of this? (Epu is masculine gender, Epi is feminine gender)
Lôm takkan fe roh. Happy journey


0 Hual
1 Khatka
2 Inika
3 Thumka
4 Lika
5 Ringaka
6 Rukka
7 Sarika
8 Riatka
9 Kuakka
10 Somka
20 Sominika
30 Somithumka
40 Somilika
50 Somringaka
60 Somrukka
70 Somsarika
80 Somriatka
90 Somkuakka
100 Rizaka
200 Rizainika
300 Rizathumka
400 Rizalika
500 Rizaringaka
600 Rizarukka
700 Rizasarika
800 Rizariatka
900 Rizakuakka
1000 Sangka
10000 Sîngka
100000 Nuaika
1000000 Dâpka
10000000 Mit-en
100000000 Thlîr
1000000000 Vânnuaidâp

Biate calendar

Names of months

Sl. No. English Biate Days
1 January Tualbual 31
2 February Vatchang 28 / 29
3 March Itâi 31
4 April Ritûn 30
5 May Tharlâk 31
6 June Idoi 30
7 July Thlamur 31
8 August Thlazîng 31
9 September Thlaram 30
10 October Ritang 31
11 November Thlaphal 30
12 December Birip 31

Names of weeks

Sl. No. English Biate
1 Sunday Pathianni
2 Monday Sinphutni
3 Tuesday Sinnôkni
4 Wednesday Nilâini
5 Thursday Nilâitum
6 Friday Thlanni
7 Saturday Inrinni


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