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Bhargava, also spelled Bhargav, is a community in India who believe themselves to be descended from the sage Bhrigu. Its members originate from the Dhosi Hill area and were originally known as Dhusars.


A view of ancient Dhosi Hill Temple of Chyvan Rishi, rebuilt by Bhargava Community in 1890s

The Bhargava community were originally known as Dhusars and were a trading caste (bania or vaishya). During the later part of the 19th century they successfully engineered a rise to the status of brahmin using a process sometimes termed sanskritisation. It was at this time that they took the name of Bhargava.[1] The oldest known inscription mentioning the Dhusar community is at the Sakrai Mata temple at Sakrari in Sikar district, Rajasthan. Dineshchandra Sircar dates this to 879 AD,[2][full citation needed] although it is dated by others to 642 A.D. They were merchants or traders at that time.[3]

The Bhargava now believe themselves to be descended from the sage Bhrigu and his son Chyavana.[4]

Present status

The Bhargava have well-established community associations, the Bhargava Sabhas, that operate in various cities[5] under an umbrella organisation, the All-India Bhargava Sabha (AIBS) located at Gurgaon, Haryana. There are around 37 of these Bhargava Sabhas.[6]

AIBS has also held international conferences. These took place in Canada (2008), USA (2009) and Dubai (2012).[citation needed]

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