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Stained glass St Bernard MNMA Cl3273.jpg
Pronunciation mainly UK: /ˈbɜːrnərd/
mainly US: /bərˈnɑːrd/[1]
French: [bɛʁ.naʁ]
Dutch: [ˈbɛrnɑrt]
Gender masculine
Word/name West Germanic
Region of origin medieval Europe
Other names
Related names Bernie, Barnard, Bernardas, Bearnárd, Bernardo, Beñat, Bernhard, Bernhardt, Bernd, Bernadette, Berend

Bernard (Bernhard) is a West Germanic masculine given name.[2]

The name is attested from at least the 9th century. West Germanic Berhard is composed from the two elements bern "bear" and hard "brave, hardy".[3] Its native Old English reflex was Beornheard, which was replaced by the Old French form Bernard after the Norman conquest. The name Bernhard was notably popular among Old Frisian speakers.[4] Its wider use was popularized due to Saint Bernhard of Clairvaux (canonized 1174).

List of people with the name

The following people and items share the name Bernard.

Given name



Fictional characters

given name
  • Andy Bernard, character on the United States television series The Office

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