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Berhampore Court
বহরমপুর কোর্ট
Express train,Passenger train and Suburban train station
Baharmpur Railway Station, Murshidabad.jpg
Location Berhampore, Murshidabad district, West Bengal
Coordinates 24°05′21″N 88°15′49″E / 24.0893°N 88.2637°E / 24.0893; 88.2637
Elevation 18 m (59 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Eastern Railway zone
Line(s) Sealdah-Lalgola Main Line
Platforms 2 + (2 more under construction)
Tracks 2 + (2 more installed in 2017-18 year)
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Yes
Other information
Status Active
Station code BPC
Zone(s) Eastern Railway zone
Division(s) Sealdah
Electrified Yes
Previous names East Indian Railway Company
Preceding station   Indian Railway   Following station
Eastern Railway zone

Berhampore Court is a railway station on the Sealdah-Ranaghat-Krishnanagar-Berhampore-Lalgola line and is located in Murshidabad district in the Indian state of West Bengal.


Initially the Calcutta (Sealdah)–Kusthia line of Eastern Bengal Railway was opened to traffic in 1862. The Ranaghat–Lalgola branch line was established in 1905 as an extension of Sealdah–Ranaghat line. This railway station was named Berhampore Court in accordance with the British pronunciation of Baharampore as "Berhampore" . The rail distance between Berhampore and Sealdah is approximately 186km. After the electrification and inauguration of double track by the Indian Railways, Berhampore railway station was modified and reconstructed into three platforms


Berhampore Court railway station lies in Berhampore city of West Bengal. The line passes through Sealdah-Barrackpore-Naihati-Kalyani-Ranaghat-Krishnanagar-Plassey-Beldanga-Berhampore-Murshidabad-Jiaganj-Lalgola. It is located in Murshidabad district, 186 km (116 mi) from Sealdah railway station.

Full views of Berhampur Court station

It is one of the important railway stations in Murshidabad and West Bengal. People from maximum part of Murshidabad district board from this station to reach Kolkata.

Major Trains

Some of the important trains that runs from Berhampore Court are :

  • Sealdah-Lalgola MEMU (via Naihati-Ranaghat-Krishnanagar)
  • Ranaghat Jn-Lalgola EMU Local
  • Krishnanagar-Lalgola EMU Local
  • Sealdah- Lalgola Bhagirathi Express
  • Kolkata- Lalgola Hazarduari Express
  • Kolkata- Lalgola Dhano Dhanye Express
  • Sealdah-Lalgola Passenger(via Naihati-Ranaghat-Krishnanagar)


The railway station has currently[when?] 2 platforms after putting double railway tracks. Two new platforms are currently being built as some new trains will be included in this line soon after the completion of Nashipur Rail Bridge.Moreover 2nd overbridge and subway construction is presently going on now at fast pace.

Time Table

  • 31768 Lalgola-Ranaghat Local(Berhampore 4:17AM Krishnanagar 6:17AM Ranaghat 6:55AM )
  • 63108 Lalgola-Sealdah Memu Passenger (Berhampore 5:22AM Krishnanagar 7:24AM Ranaghat 8:11AM Naihati 9:02AM Sealdah 9:57AM)
  • 13104 Lalgola-Sealdah Bhagirathi Express (Berhampore 6:28AM Krishnanagar 8:13AM Ranaghat 8:49AM Naihati(No stoppage) Sealdah 10:25AM)
  • 13118 Lalgola-Kolkata Dhanodhanya Express(Only Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday) (Berhampore 7:28AM Krishnanagar 9:16AM Ranaghat 9:51AM Naihati 10:30AM Kolkata 11:20AM)
  • 53176 Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger (Berhampore 7:53AM Krishnanagar 10:06AM Ranaghat 10:48AM Naihati 11:37AM Sealdah 12:37PM)
  • 53186 Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger (Berhampore 8:22AM Krishnanagar 10:30AM Ranaghat 11:04AM Naihati 11:49AM Sealdah 12:45PM)
  • 31766 Lalgola-Ranaghat Local (Berhampore 9:13AM Krishnanagar 11:12AM Ranaghat 11:45AM)
  • 53178 Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger (Berhampore 10:06AM Krishnanagar 12:24PM Ranaghat 1:14PM Naihati 2:02PM Sealdah 3:10PM)
  • 31866/31844 Lalgola-Krishnanagar-Sealdah Local (Berhampore 11:56AM Krishnanagar 1:47PM-2:17PM Ranaghat 2:44PM Naihati 3:21PM Sealdah 4:15PM )
  • 31770 Lalgola-Ranaghat Local (Berhampore 12:49PM Krishnanagar 2:58PM Ranaghat 3:35PM)
  • 53180 Lalgola-Kolkata Passenger (Berhampore 3:12PM Krishnanagar 5:27PM Ranaghat 6:14PM Naihati 7:09PM Kolkata 8:20PM)
  • 13114 Lalgola-Kolkata Hazarduari Express (Berhampore 5:09PM Krishnanagar 6:57PM Ranaghat 7:37PM Naihati(No stoppage) Barrackpore 8:42PM Kolkata 9:25PM)
  • 31862/31840 Lalgola-Krishnanagar-Sealdah Local (Berhampore 5:48PM Krishnanagar 7:55PM-8:25PM Ranaghat 9:02PM Naihati 9:52PM Sealdah 10:55PM)
  • 31864/31842 Lalgola-Krishnanagar-Sealdah Local (Berhampore 6:44PM Krishnanagar 8:40PM-9:10PM Ranaghat 9:44PM Naihati 10:28PM Sealdah 11:25PM)
  • 31772 Lalgola-Ranaghat Local (Berhampore 8:25PM Krishnanagar 10:29PM Ranaghat 11:03PM)
  • 53172 Lalgola-Sealdah Pasenger (Berhampore 11:09PM Krishnanagar 1:23AM Ranaghat 2:10AM Naihati 3:14AM Sealdah 4:30AM)
  • 31765 Ranaghat-Lalgola Local (Ranaghat 5:00AM Krishnanagar 5:32AM Berhampore 7:08AM)
  • 53171 Sealdah-Lalgola Passenger (Sealdah 3:45AM Naihati 4:37AM Ranaghat 5:33AM Krishnanagar 6:19AM Berhampore 8:19AM)
  • 31767 Ranaghat-Lalgola Local (Ranaghat 7:35AM Krishnanagar 8:04AM Berhampore 9:47AM)
  • 13113 Kolkata-Lalgola Hazarduari Express (Kolkata 6:50AM Barrackpore 7:20AM Naihati(no stoppage) Ranaghat 8:20AM Krishnanagar 8:50AM Berhampore 10:14AM)
  • 31839/31861 Sealdah-Krishnanagar-Lalgola Local (Sealdah 7:46AM Naihati 8:37AM Ranaghat 9:22AM Krishnanagar 9:58AM-10:28AM Berhampore 12:07PM)
  • 31841/31863 Sealdah-Krishnanagar-Lalgola Local (Sealdah 10:28AM Naihati 11:20AM Ranaghat 12:07PM Krishnanagar 12:35PM-1:05PM Berhampore 2:38PM)
  • 31769 Ranaghat-Lalgola Local (Ranaghat 1:15PM Krishnanagar 1:44PM Berhampore 3:27PM)
  • 53175 Sealdah-Lalgola Passenger (Sealdah 12:40PM Naihati 1:37PM Ranaghat 2:24PM Krishnanagar 3:13PM Berhampore 5:13PM)
  • 53179 Kolkata-Lalgola Passenger (Kolkata 2:00PM Naihati 2:52PM Ranaghat 3:40PM Krishnanagar 4:26PM Berhampore 6:20PM)
  • 31767 Ranaghat-Lalgola Local (Ranaghat 5:05PM Krishnanagar 5:38PM Berhampore 7:19PM)
  • 13117 Kolkata-Lalgola Dhanodhanya Express(Tuesday Thursday Friday and Sunday) (Kolkata 4:10PM Naihati 4:56PM Ranaghat 5:45PM Krishnanagar 6:18PM Berhampore 7:40PM)
  • 53177 Sealdah-Lalgola Passenger (Sealdah 4:40PM Naihati 5:33PM Ranaghat 6:19PM Krishnanagar 7:01PM Berhampore 8:42PM)
  • 13103 Sealdah-Lalgola Bhagirathi Express (Sealdah 6:20PM Naihati(no stoppage) Ranaghat 7:53PM Krishnanagar 8:22PM Berhampore 9:49PM)
  • 31843/31865 Sealdah-Krishnanagar-Lalgola Local (Sealdah 7:30PM Naihati 8:26PM Ranaghat 9:11PM Krishnanagar 9:40PM-10:10PM Berhampore 11:43PM)
  • 63105 Sealdah-Lalgola Memu Passenger (Sealdah 8:20PM Naihati 9:17PM Ranaghat 9:57PM Krishnanagar 10:25PM Berhampore 12:05AM)
  • 53181 Sealdah-Lalgola Passenger (Sealdah 11:30PM Naihati 12:21AM Ranaghat 1:12AM Krishnanagar 2:02AM Berhampore 4:02AM)


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Coordinates: 24°05′22″N 88°15′50″E / 24.0894°N 88.2638°E / 24.0894; 88.2638

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