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Benjamin Jekhowsky
Asteroids discovered: 12 [1]
953 Painleva April 29, 1921 MPC
976 Benjamina March 27, 1922 MPC
977 Philippa April 6, 1922 MPC
988 Appella November 10, 1922 MPC
1013 Tombecka January 17, 1924 MPC
1017 Jacqueline February 4, 1924 MPC
1037 Davidweilla October 29, 1924 MPC
1040 Klumpkea January 20, 1925 MPC
1093 Freda June 15, 1925 MPC
1181 Lilith February 11, 1927 MPC
1328 Devota October 21, 1925 MPC
3881 Doumergua November 15, 1925 MPC

Benjamin Jekhowsky (Russian: Вениамин Павлович Жеховский, born 1881 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), died in 1975, Encausse-les-Thermes (France)) was a Russian–French astronomer, born in Saint-Petersburg in a noble family of a Russian railroad official.

After attending Moscow University, he worked at the Paris Observatory beginning in 1912. Later he worked at the Algiers Observatory (at the time, Algeria was a colony of France), where he became known as a specialist in celestial mechanics. After 1934, he appears to have begun signing scientific articles as Benjamin de Jekhowsky. The Minor Planet Center credits his discoveries under the name "B. Jekhovsky" (with a v). In modern English transliteration, his name would be written as Zhekhovskii or Zhekhovsky.

He discovered 12 numbered minor planets,[1] made more than 190 scientific publications and the asteroid 1606 Jekhovsky is named after him.[2]


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