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"Beatlesque" (/ˌbtəlˈɛsk/) describes a musical resemblance to the English rock band the Beatles. The term lacks a uniform definition and has been applied to a wide number of disparate artists.[1] To better explain what the word might mean, eight possible answers were formed by radio producer Kevin Howlett, music professor Rob Bowman, and Klaatu drummer Terry Draper:

Toronto Star's Jack Sakamoto commented: "[some people's] notion of that sound includes everyone from Panic! at the Disco to Billy Joel to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With those reference points, it's debatable whether the Beatles themselves would qualify for the adjective their music has spawned."[1]

Notable artists

ELO in 1978. The band was formed with the intention of "picking up where the Beatles left off".[2]

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