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Beagle Gulf is a gulf on the Timor Sea, located in the Top End of the Northern Territory in northwestern Australia.

Port Darwin opens into the gulf. On the east Clarence Strait separates Beagle Gulf from Van Diemen Gulf; Bathurst Island bounds it to the north.

It is approximately 100 km long and 50 km wide.[1] It surrounds the Quail Island Group.


HMS Beagle

Beagle Gulf was named after the ship HMS Beagle, on which Charles Darwin and Robert Fitzroy sailed around parts of Australia. The Cambridge Dictionary of Australian Places incorrectly states that "it was named in 1836 by Robert Fitzroy, commander of HMS Beagle, after his ship. The Beagle charted the area with Charles Darwin aboard as naturalist." However, Darwin and Fitzroy sailed in 1836 from King George's Sound (Western Australia) directly to the Cocos-Keeling Islands, at the south coast of Java, and from there to Cape Town and back to England. They stayed away from Beagle Gulf by 3000 sea miles and did not know of its existence.[2] The gulf was actually named by Captain John Clements Wickham, commanding HMS Beagle during its survey of northern Australia in 1837-1838, at the beginning of her third and last long voyage.


In 1991 the Northern Territory Government proposed the formation of the Beagle Gulf Marine Park. The proposed Marine Park has a significant commercial, recreational conservation value. Zoning plans enable the broadest possible use of marine parks whilst providing for the protection and conservation of significant ecological, scientific, historical, cultural and scenic sites.[3]


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Coordinates: 12°09′37″S 130°29′23″E / 12.16028°S 130.48972°E / -12.16028; 130.48972

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