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Bayern-luck, originally Bayern-Dusel (derived from German: Dusel, lit. undeserved luck[1]) is a widespread myth about football in Germany. According to the proverbial expression, record winning Bayern Munich often wins at the last minute. The expression has been used since the 1970s[2] and is often used as a winged word with regard to other teams and circumstances.[3][4]

Point of view of FC Bayern players and officials

Oliver Kahn, after a last minute win against Hannover 96, stated that there is no luck for free, you have to enforce it.[5] Bastian Schweinsteiger commented upon a narrowly won game against Hamburger SV in February 2004, saying "Bayerndusel is back! (Der Bayern-Dusel ist wieder da!)"[6]

However, when Ulrich Hoeneß was asked by a "FCB TV" reporter about the Bayern-Dusel being the reason for a last-minute win against Karlsruher SC, he reacted by threatening to sack the reporter on the spot.[7]

Theoretical background

Christian Schütte described the Bayern Dusel as being the result of cognitive bias,[8] while others presume the claimed luck to be based on a higher self-confidence and better physical training of Bayern players.[9][10]

Journalist Alex Feuerherdt postulated the Chit Chat about the Bayerndusel as a superficially harmless tirade that has nonetheless a certain background in the History of FC Bayern Munich.[11]


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