Battle of Yurkud (2012)

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Battle of Yurkud (2012)
Part of War in Somalia (2009-present)
Date 10 March 2012
Location Yurkud, Somalia
Result Ethiopian Victory
Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia Al-Shabab
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Ethiopia.svg Diyad Abdi Kalil Abdiaziz Abu-Musab

Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia:



Casualties and losses

Flag of Ethiopia.svg:

6 killed

73 killed (Al-Shabaab claim)


17+ killed

5 killed (Al-Shabaab claim)

The Battle of Yurkud was a three-hour-long military engagement on 10th March 2012 fought between Ethiopian military forces and al-Shabab militants approximately 40 km from the Ethiopian border. According to Ethiopian sources, al-Shabab initiated the engagement with an attack on a military base in Yurkud at around 6 a.m. Fighting continued for three hours before, as locals report, al-Shabab was forced to retreat. The number of dead on either side is not known, with reports varying widely. Al-Shabab claimed to have lost five and killed 73, while one local resident said he saw at least 17 al-Shabab dead and another claimed he had seen six dead Ethiopian soldiers.[1][2][3]


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