Battle of Takkolam

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Battle of Takkolam
Date 949
Location Takkolam
Chola Empire Rashtrakuta Empire (supported by their vassals: Western Gangas, Bana Kingdom, Vaidumbas)
Commanders and leaders
Rajaditya Chola Krishna III, Butuga II
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses

The Battle of Takkolam was a military engagement between Rajaditya, son of the Chola king Parantaka I and a confederacy of Western Gangas, Banas and Vaidumbas led by the Rashtrakuta king Krishna III at Takkolam in the present-day Vellore District of Tamil Nadu, India. The battle fought in 949 resulted in the defeat of the Cholas and the death of Rajaditya on the battlefield.


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